An american holiday, mainly just an excuse to eat a whole lot.
Don't be fooled; "I love Thanksgiving" really means "Damn thats good turkey!
by Zach G. November 28, 2003
This is an American holiday, where kids get to take off from school, and adults get to take off from work so they can sit on their fat ass', and eat. Yet, they disguise their lazyness by saying they are taking off, to give thanks for what they have. They also watch football on this day.
Little Lazy Boy sitting on a couch with turkey in his mouth.. "I'm so thankful for Thanksgiving!"
by YearRoundPMSGirl November 26, 2003
Dressing your girlfriend in an Indian costume, then shoving stuffing up her ass and then beating the shit outta her.
I just went Thanksgiving on that bitch!
by TurkeyPunchin' November 02, 2009
when you stuff a turkey in a womans vagina then fuck the turkey
after we thanksgiving martha we eat the turkey,stuffing and all.
by jesus fuck shit July 31, 2006
A holiday in which the skeletal remains of indians will rise from the ground and attack on thanksgiving in the year 2007. They will kill anything they see and whoever they kill will turn into one of them! military forces will be no match and their tanks will be overturned and they will be slain. The entire planet will be overrun by these skeletons and they will kill everyone until every single living person on the planet is one of them. Once every person is one of them they will roam the earth for billions of years until lifeforms form another planet touch down here. These life forms will be killed and their superiors will obliterate the planet earth for the sake of the rest of the universe.
watch out whos country you steal!
by da hood' December 07, 2004
Only in America do have a Federal holiday to remember what we are thankful for, immediately followed by the largest shopping day of the year to max out our credit cards for the next holiday, Christmas.
Thanksgiving is not just a holiday but should be a state of mind all year long.
by krock1dk November 18, 2007
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