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The American god of gluttony. We celebrate his feast day on the fourth Thursday in November. His greatest accomplishment was consuming a large bird whole. American's honor him by attempting to repeat this feat.
Thanksgivous set a great example for us when he consumed that bird whole. All should honor him.
by Fatrazmo November 29, 2010
1. A muffin you keep in your pocket when you are leaving the place where you got the muffin.

2. A sex act where by a woman is pleasured by someone sticking their hands in her pocket.
I am glad I took this pocket muffin because I am starving.

I am glad I took part in this pocket muffin because I was board.
by Fatrazmo December 20, 2010
A fleece Hug. Like a snuggie but with Velcro on the back to keep it closed.
I an just cuddled up with a book wearing my fluggy.
by Fatrazmo December 17, 2010
Abbreviation for the Mikey Wang Memorial Award. Which is an award given out by "The Decider" at a dinner party hosted in Omaha Nebraska every year. The dinner is on a different day every year but always around Christmas. The Award is given to the best friend of the family.
Tim won the MWMA last year he is in good company.
by Fatrazmo December 17, 2010
February 22nd. It is a day for everyone to celebrate America by Posting U-S-A-U-S-A-U-S-A where ever they have a digital presence. It is the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice which is credited with the creation of the U-S-A Chant.
February 22nd 2011 is the first annual International U-S-A Chant Day. I plan to celebrate by Tweeting U-S-A-U-S-A-U-S-A.
by Fatrazmo February 01, 2011
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