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1) Your "boys" or testicles
2) Your "boys" as in your friends
1) ~ "Oh crap he hit him right in the Tezzies, hes going to be pissing blood for a week!"

2) ~ "Hey man ring up the Tezzies and get them over here"
by Lester Hope April 10, 2006
10 3
Another slang word for testicles as well as bollocks, balls, and love spuds
"let me feel your tezzies my good friend and i will let you touch my nipples
by ged sinnott the worst wanker December 03, 2003
5 3
Tezzys are another name for your testicles
Oh baby, just feel these majestic tezzys
by Paul Daley May 08, 2008
2 1