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Used mainly on Myspace and Facebook in status updates. It is put up to let others know that they want a text message from others because they are fucking stupid and have no friends.
Status Update: Going to school. Text it :)

Brad: Man that motherfucker sounds so goddamn stupid.
by Bradc20 October 25, 2008
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when you hear someone say something really good/funny and you pass it on by text to all you know

lame variation of "that's what she said"
dude1: how hard did chris brown hit rihanna to make her sing out "oh na na, what's my name?"
dude2: hahaha, text it! *proceeds to text it to every one of his contacts on his phone*

dude3: i rode the moby dick 3 times
dude4: feeling lustful, huh? text it! *proceed to text dude3's line to everyone he knows*
by January 16, 2011
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