a small beard, usually found on the douchiest of douchebags, like a goatee, but grown with the idea to provide pleasure to thier partners scrotum during oral sex.
Butch: I really appreciate you growing a testickler for me, Craig!
Craig: no problem, and what nice about it is that the more of your man goo that dribbles on it, the softer it becomes!
Butch: It looks like it's getting split ends?
Craig: Lets fix that up right now, zip, slurp, nom, nom, nom.
by Baby Seals Club Racing January 19, 2012
Top Definition
The type of goatee-type beard grown specifically by those who want to hide their true sexual orientation, which would be that of homosexual. Meant to give the recipient of oral sex by the grower of the testickler a tickling sensation on their scrotum.
"Look, those bikers over there all are sporting testicklers!"

- Dead guy
by Baby Seals Club Racing January 30, 2012
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