A person and an adjective.
Tess is a person who is super fun and nice, but spontaneously falls asleep. This is called, "pulling a tess"
person a:What happened to you last night?
person b: Pulled a Tess, sorry! Fell asleep getting ready!
by RCyeyeye October 20, 2011
The perfect girl, the one who everyone wants to be with. The girl who not many notice, but the ones that do have a friend for a lifetime. Shes a beautiful, smart and funny girl. You could call her a triple threat. Be careful not to get on her bad side though because it is hard to get off. But, if you have the heart to do so you can get things right with her. She might reject the ones who love her the most and they can just hope she will find the true meaning. She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Be glad if you have a Tess and never let her go she means a lot to you even if you don't know it.
Guy 1: Bro i have a TESS
Guy 2: Omg a Tess (lucky)
by Isaiah Izzy H March 13, 2013
Tess, often known as Tessy. The girl next door; playing in the mud; often blonde; just one of the guys, but she is so much more. She may seem like a ditz, but her silly exterior does not show you all that she is. Smart; not afraid to laugh at herself. Often lacks confidence, but she is a catch. One of a kind.
"Silly Tess"
by THETRUTHSEEKER April 22, 2015
A pretty and funny person who knows how to make friends! She's always spunky and sassy and never lets anyone push her around. Popular with the boys cause she's quite flirty but also very sporty. Very self confident but never vain. She usually doesn't open up unless you know her well other wise she can be hard to read and can come off as mean but reality has a kind heart!
"Did you see that girl on the volley ball team ? She's a star!"

"Ya! She must be a tess"
by Anonymusxoxox December 14, 2013
Fun energetic friend, loving to EVERYONE, BEAUTIFUL, never want to get on her bad side. if u do ur Fucked.... trust me Ik wht I'm talking about I have a friend named Tess so that's how ik. once she finds someone she really likes she will do anything to get him to be hers... nomatter wht she has to do. she's the life of a party without her ur party sucks, so if u don't know a Tess go out and find one and if you love her don't let her go. oh and she acts stupid but she's not. she's trying to get attention and she's NOT A SLUT SHES JUST A JEALOUS PEROSN.
she is such a Tess
by frenchie465 February 25, 2015
A fun and creative person that is PERFECT, guys if you know a Tess make your move. Tesses are amazing story tellers and feel that they always need to share their personal lives. She comes off stupid and unaware of EVERYTHING and always just passes tests by a few points. But in reality most are just a character and are actually very smart. Did I mention that their AMAZING in bed like AMAZING. She's not a slut but will do what ever you want her to... Whenever you want... She's a little strange when you first meet her but if you give her a second chance everybody loves a Tess so don't judge her. Shes nice to everybody but don't get on her bad side for its hard to get off. their beautiful but like to hide it by not brushing their hair and wear little makeup. Lol jk as I said their just a character and lots of them have had many tragic events happen to them and are often suisidal and have issues. All in all tesses are really hot girls with crazy and loud personalitys but don't forget that she's a Total SLUT lol but get to know a Tess and she will find trust in you, just a tip :)
Tess- potatoes are cool
by Lamps are blue November 10, 2013
A Tess is someone who has brown hair with a pink streak. She lives in Miami. She is shy when you first meet her, and is quiet and awkward in front of people who she is intimidated or uncomfortable around, because she is a bit insecure. But as soon as they leave, a Tess will become an entirely different person. She will become loud, and aggressive, and will usually take the spotlight. Tess is able to make friends, but it usually takes a while. People usually think she is snobby, because she is shy, or that she is a loser because she has a hard time making new friends, but she is actually not. She is discriminated against sometimes because she is overweight, only by a couple of pounds, but is in a school full of ugly, confident, anorexics. She is obsessed with One Direction and Selena Gomez, and is smart, but makes average grades. Overall, Tess is a very nice person who will be loyal, and faithful to you through practically anything.
Group of snobs:
Snob 1: Wow Tess is so fat :o
Snob 2: IKR!
Snob 3: What a loser.

All: Laughing

At party with group of friends:
New Person 1: *arrives* Hi everyone

Me and friends: Yeah, she's crazy <3
(2 months later)
by abbyheartscheerios August 23, 2012

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