Cock thirsty ratchet ass hoe.
Jemmy - "Hey, whose that whore over there?"
Judy - "Who? Tess?"
by JussAyKunt November 28, 2012
a brown hair girl who lives in guilford and has a big butt
yo tess has a donk!
by eugene latard September 25, 2010
a retarded person who is still pretty damn sexy at the same time.
omg, what a tess.
by molliemolliemollie September 25, 2010
A name given to girls who are somewhat smart, but still barely pass tests and quizzes. Tesses are usually extremely hot and have gorgeous legs and an awesome ass. They are not really sluts, but might slip in a quick blow now and then.
Tess: Wow, I only passed this course by 2%!

Random guy: OK, great...
So how about a bj?

Tess: Sure, why not...
by pussyfucker299890.3 January 22, 2010
BAMF. outgoing. narcotic. fucked up. insecure. emotional. restless. discontent. passive aggressive. people pleaser. user. abuser. honest. blonde. scared. peter pan. blunt. judgmental. intuitive. right. protective. owned. loved. hated. famous. hater. true. embarrassing. proud. Doesn’t take shit from anyone.
tess of the d'urbervilles
by DR031ISE* July 26, 2009
The most random person ever. Resides in NJ, but usually in own world. AKA: "That insane bisexual", "The Super-Gypsy", "Commie-face", and/or "What the hell, Tess". She has her own group on facebook, entitled, "What the hell, Tess." This is based on the same phrase, which is usually uttered around 20 times per day.
1.In religion class, Tess once doodled a flip book of the entire "Creation" scene from Monty Python's "The meaning of life."

2. Tess is notorious for her "that's what SHE said" moments, usually in class or in front of Mr. Cash.

3. For a class called College Guidance, Tess once filled out a form for "possible career choices" with the following options:

Fighter pilot, opera singer, rock star, Russian Spy/History Professor, purple, rich, or Keith Richards. Needless to say, she got top grades.

4. Finally, Tess has an amoeba named Juan, whom she met in Mexico. How many other people that you know can say THAT?
tess: vtr to rape; to enforce sexual intercourse upon someone after brief yet insufficient flirtation, to later ruin their life
Person 1:Man, I got arrested for TESSING the fuck out of that girl, but it was so worth

Person 2: Man you hear about Mr. Dockerill, he got put in jail for tessing some poor kid
by Alexeiborachev September 14, 2008

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