The cheapest form of life on earth. This usually occurs when a person becomes extremely excited when airfare drops by one dollar. Another is that this form of life must always be right and has power to make something that is wrong to be right. They believe that everyone and everything is against them. Also, this person may also seem to contradict themselves by saying they need something and don't have money for it while buying something they want that is more expensive.
Don't be such a tesla, this flight is a dollar more and gets you there twelve hours earlier.
Tesla, didn't you say you need a new laptop? Why did you buy a PS3?
by Juliet November December 09, 2011
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Tesla last name of the world's greatest inventor, Nikola Tesla, with 1 200 patents to his name, a world record. Nikola Tesla changed the world by inventing A/C current, Radar, Robotics, Fluorescent light bulb, Radio, Rotating Electro Magnetic field, X-Ray and many more. You should read more about him.
Hey! Who is the smartest person in the world?
Nikola Tesla!
by filip3311 January 19, 2010
1. Kickass rock band from the 80s who sang all kinds of music, from a remake of a song called "Signs" to hard rock such as "Cumin' atcha live"

2. A unit for magnetic field.
Tesla is awesome! They did all kinds of rock, both soft and hard!
by Crazyswordsman February 22, 2005
Tesla, an angel , beautiful disaster an amazing character who was the best mistake of my life she told my friend "I broke my own heart" I did she was the best girl friend I've ever had I'm in love with this girl and always will be
God she's gorgeous she must be a tesla !
by dani nicole November 10, 2010
A rock band that started during the 80's that included:
Jeff Keith (vocals)
Frank Hannon (Lead/acoustic guitars)
Tommy Skeoch (electric/acoustic guitars)
Brian Wheat (Bass)
Troy Luccketta (Drums)
Most known for the remake of the Five Man Electrical Band's "signs" and their power ballad "Love Song".
one of their albums, Five Man Acoustical Jam, directly influenced the MTV series Unplugged. They started out as City Kidd, but changed their name to Tesla after an American inventor, who also inspired some of there songs.
in 2004 they released their first new CD in years: Into the Now.
Tesla is one of the best bands still around
by Musiqfrk April 23, 2006
The name of the most beautiful, nicest, coolest, cutest, creative girl around. When spending time with Tesla you will feel intimidated for her beauty and charisma is over whelming. All moments spent with Tesla will be cherished and replayed in your mind. Dreams may possibly pursue.
Just got back from seeing Tesla, I already miss her.
by Anonymous4055 December 08, 2013
Tesla is a term with a double meaning, depending on the context given. First, a Tesla can either be 1) an individual of great merit and of uncanny intellect, or, in a different context, 2) a Tesla is somebody who is easily taken advantage of due to his inability to give a fuck.

Insignificant individual: Hey Tesla, what's 1+2?
Tesla: 3
Insignificant individual: My God Tesla, what would I ever do without you!
Edison: Hey Tesla! I stole another invention of yours!
Tesla: Like I give a fuck
by LaGoonch June 12, 2012
A badass electric car. For example, Tesla Model S
Tesla is an Electric car company. Makes some bad ass cars.

Damn son, look at that rich geezer with a Tesla car. It goes 60 mph in 3 seconds! Tesla.
by TeslaEddi February 14, 2015

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