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1. An excellent Rock band with many great hits, including "Hotel California" and "Life in the Fast Lane."

2. Birds which are known for slow, steady flapping of wings.

3. An NFL football team from Philadelphia. Unfortunately, they have only made two superbowls (one of which has not been played at the time of writing this), but are currently one of the top teams in the league under the leadership of coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb. They had lost three NFC championships in a row, and have since been dubbed chokers. However, they have now made it over that hump and it seems that there are boundless oppertunities for this team. Only time will tell if they become a legend or a choking team.
1. Livin' it up at the Hotel California, such a lovely place, such a lovely place.

2. The Eagle is the national bird of the United States.

3. The Eagles buried the Green Bay Slackers 47-17. Donovan McNabb looked like Brett Favre.
by Crazyswordsman February 02, 2005
1. The only state worth living in.

2. The Greatest city in the world, and one of the few real cities in the United States. Unlike other cities, where life is dead and everyone lives in the suburbs, New York continues to grow as a city. It's rivals (and haters) live in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Jersey, and think that these cities, particularly LA, are dream cities, when most of them are declining while New York is growing. The city is proud of its diversity as it houses all people from around the world.

The city consists of five boroughs (NOT boros): Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island (which identifies itself more with NJ than NY). Each borough has its own unique character and way of life. Manhattan is the bustling city center, and home to jazz music. It is inhabited by the very wealthy people, and it's rent (SoHo and TriBeCa) is the highest in the nation. Brooklyn is where steriotypical New Yorkers (the "fuhgaddaboudits") live, as well as most of the rap and hip-hop industry (the good stuff at least). Queens is home to many parks and industry, and is full of tourist attractions. The Bronx is where most of the inner city is, but the people from there take pride in that they live in the Bronx. Those areas which are not inner-city are often controlled by a mob, or are middle-class. It also includes beautiful Pelham Bay Park. Staten Island is basically home to suburbanites.

New York is home to many of the world's best food. It's famous for its brand of pizza, as well as knishes. Brooklyn is famous for Egg Creams and Italian desserts. We also have a lot of "coffee shops" which are like diners or hamburger stands.

We are home to some of the best TV shows, including Seinfeld, Sex and the City, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, Saturday Night Live, and others. We are also the home to many excellent sports teams, including the hated-across-the-rest-of-the-US-especially-Boston Yankees, the neglected, underrated Jets, the Great and Holy New York Knicks, the Rangers (which are hated in NJ more than anywhere else combined), the forgotten Mets, and supposedly the overrated Giants (which are really NJ's team, real New Yorkers are Jet fans).

We are also home to such proud publications as the New York Times and the New Yorker.

On September 11, 2001, our city was brutally attacked by deamons, but we all came together to help each other out because we love each other and our city, and we have continued to stay strong while the rest of the country looks down on us for being too liberal, the fact is we know how to do things better.

We truly are the City that will Never Sleep.
I wanna be a part of it New York, New York!
by Crazyswordsman January 27, 2005
1. Kickass rock band from the 80s who sang all kinds of music, from a remake of a song called "Signs" to hard rock such as "Cumin' atcha live"

2. A unit for magnetic field.
Tesla is awesome! They did all kinds of rock, both soft and hard!
by Crazyswordsman February 22, 2005
The true New York football team, and in most years the better one. The New Jersey Giants can bite me, I'm a real New Yorker. Home of Curtis Martin.
Giants, Giants, Giants, the Jets are always in their shadow.

The Jets made the playoffs again under Herm Edwards! Much better than Jeremy Shockey and those arrogant Giants and their fans who live all over New Jersey, northern Pennsylvania, and Orange County, NY. We Jet fans are home-grown New Yorkers.
by Crazyswordsman January 18, 2005
Something made up by religious extremists trying to justify overturning Roe v Wade and taking away the rights of gay Americans to go about their daily lives just because Bush won the election by the smallest of margins. Even if Bush lost the popular vote and won, they'd say he still has a moral mandate. In fact, less than fifteen percent of all Americans were values voters, and mostly come from the South, which votes values most of the time anyway.
Bush has no mandate. About half the country voted him down. To get a mandate, you need to win in a landslide.
by Crazyswordsman December 19, 2004
The team of the mid nineties, with stars like Brett Favre and Reggie White. They're average at best now. Yet football fans all over the country like this team even more than their home team. They play in a small town that shouldn't even be on the map (has anyone heard of Appleton, WI? It's larger than Green Bay).

The team had two dominating periods: the mid nineties (with Favre and White) and the late sixties (headed by the famed Vince Lombardi). They aren't dominating anymore.

And Favre isn't the best in the league anymore. Peyton, Daunte, Donovan, Tom Brady, and others beat him out now.
How can anyone say that this team is among the best in the league? They have nothing resembling a defense!
by Crazyswordsman February 02, 2005
1. A baseball team that used to play at the Polo Grounds, but now plays in San Francisco.

2. See New Jersey Giants.
1. The Giants used to play at the Polo Grounds.

2. Damn, the New Jersey Giants should stop considering themselves New York's football team. And they're not a "legendary franchise." They popped up twice, for one year only.
by Crazyswordsman February 04, 2005
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