Possibly the greatest band to ever exist. Also, arguably the only thing keeping rock alive, fighting off the evil of rip-your-balls-off shitty bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte, and Children of Bodom.

-Tenacious D consists of Kyle Gass and Jack Black, who both play the acoustic and electric guitar and sing, with occaisonal help from Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Lee, and Spiderman. They are all equally amazing at everything.

-One last thing, Jack Black owns Chuck Norris, and Clint Eastwood. Same with KG.

-Me baby, ME! -Jack Black
It doesn't matter if it is good.
It only matters if it rocks!
The main thing that we do is to rock your socks off.
There's no such thing as a rock prodigy...
cause rock and roll is bogus, right KG? right.
The only thing that really matters is a classical sauce.
And that's why me and KG are classically trained...
to rock your fuckin socks off!

-Tenacious D, rock your socks off
by the one who worships Tenacious D February 28, 2006
THE most kick-ass band in the history of the known universe.
Satan + Zeppelin + Something really rank (like paris hilton ) = Tenacious D
by Calcard94 January 31, 2008
The greatest band in the world.
Tenacious D = Greatest band known to man.
by Jables246 February 23, 2009
The best frickin' band in the world . Amen .
"I fell in love with a baked patato , and that's when I started to dance ~ In France " Jesus Ranch - Tenacious D
by DorkySpork August 26, 2008
A band that sung the greatest song in the world to a deom and forgot, only to write what must've been the second greatest song, Tribute. Stared in their own movie, 'Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny'. They realised the government totally sucks you motherfucker, the government totally sucks. Finally, they met Beelezeboss in the final showdown! Pwnage.

What I'm trying to get at is, Tenacious D are the most genuine and the greatest rock band around. They have all the best elements of a good rock band:
-A good name
-Kick ass songs on every album
-Members, Jack Black, (Jables, JB) and Kyle Gass, (Kage and KG), who don't care what people think and stick it to the man!
-They made a movie which caused uber pwnage
Guy 1: Sassafrass owns!
Guy 2: I know. In fact, Tenacious D owns.
Guy 3: Who's Tenacious D
Guy 2: Wow, have you been living in the Sahara desert all your life. It's only the greatest band ever.
by Tremaine S April 27, 2007
A comedy rock band. Consisting of two overweight men, who are incredibly skilled at everything. They are super skilled at sex, often times "double teaming" women. They are awesome at rock as well. They battled the devil and won. They also stunned a shining demon by playing the greatest song in the world. They are the only band that currently plays "real" rock, using their humor as a small shield to rock as it gets continuously beaten down by the horrible computer generated music of today. They had a friend named Lee, and teamed up with Sasquatch.
Damn, are there any good rock bands?

yeah, Tenacious D, they played the greatest song in the world.

what is it?

i don't know, they forgot it, this is just a Tribute.

Oh, that's cool...damn my kielbasa sausage has just got to perform

dude, you broke the rules, now I'll pull out all your pubic hair.
by #1 Manwhore January 05, 2010
the best band to ever walk the earth
person 1: i hate tenacious d

person 2: *punch realy fuking hard in the nose about 5 times*
person 1: owwwch why did u do that

person 2: *pulls out a dildo and inserts into the anus*
person 1: that feels good

person 2: its not ment to *takes out dildo and pulls out a gun pops cap in the face of person 1 and laughs*
(cop sirens)

person 2: omg the cops tenacious d rock

judge: you are acused for the rape and murder of person 1
person 2: the rape part is bull but the rest is true

judge: why???

person 2: because he said he didnt like tenacious d

judge: oh he deserved it then yo are free

person 2: awesome oh and tenacious d rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chinkytwater June 12, 2010
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