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The bastard offspring of Satan himself... and proud of it!
Have you seen my socks? I lost them at the Tenacious D show last night.
by KCG January 26, 2004
The beginning to every sentence spout from every uneducated, talentless, self-indulgent blowhard sports commentator.
"You talk about a guy who couldn't get work outside of a public bathroom if sports weren't invented, and BOOM, John Madden's name is at the top of that list."
by KCG January 27, 2004
Exclamation overheard from the vents stemming from the bedroom of Soon-Yi and Woody.
"Oooh, papa san!"
by KCG January 26, 2004
A longing for the companionship of "the ladies".
Damn, I hope I can get some titsoon.
by KCG January 26, 2004
knee-jerk reaction by anyone with an I.Q. under 80 when they stumble upon anything that only needs to be clicked once.
Click on the link below for this weeks church functions (just once, not twice you ignorant piece of crap)
by KCG January 26, 2004

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