1. A sexually transmitted infection, contracted by not using a condom during sexual intercourse. Symptoms include green/purple/orange genitalia, loss of pubic hair, hallucinations, vomiting, coma and ultimately death. More contageous than ebola.
2. The name of a rock band, whose movie I was ejected from for throwing popcorn and supplying popcorn to my peers for purposes other than consumption, i.e. throwing.
1) Oh crap my balls have gone purple and there's a large pink elephant in my shower, i must have tenacious d.
by ladge December 22, 2006
Tenacious D meant "good defense" as performed by a sports team long before it was this band's name, you bunch of illiterate morons.
Google this:
"tenacious D" "good defense"
by MondoEargood April 27, 2006

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