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1. One who is sassy and fine. Also a term of endearment, or used to describe someone who has just delighted you.
2. to be outwitted and outclassed.
"Genna, you're such a sassafrass!"
"she sassafrassed my ass all the way uptown and back!"
by killerqueen May 03, 2005
An extremely sassy person who isn't afraid to speak their mind. A smart-ass.
GIRL: Lani, you're so sassy with our history teacher!
LANI: Nahh, I'm just a sassafrass.
by GayHorse :P May 20, 2014
Vocal style commonly used in popular buttrock bands. Examples include Creed, Pearl Jam, Nickleback.
Did you hear that new Daughtry song? Sassafrass city.
by ekait August 24, 2010
To fart in the mouth of a man licking your anus
He was eating my ass, and I couldn't keep holding it, I just Sassafrassed him!
You 'frassed him?? God damn!
by Frassy Sassy February 27, 2015
The fruit of the groin
Eew, Sticky Man Sassafrass!
by markabey October 29, 2005
What one says when they want to beat the shit out of Chris P.
Chris got the shit beat out of hime because sassafrass was declared.
by MeatBall11 May 02, 2005
So your doing a chick really hard and you begin to perspire. After you blow your load you pull out your sweaty dick and slap her in her dumb face while yelling SASSAFRASS!!!!! then run home and watch Baseball Tonight.
me and marge were slapping skins and i got bored and decided to sassafrass her. right after i got my clothes on and went home to watch baseball tonight
by rude mcdougal May 04, 2006
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