people ages 13-17. adolescents. most usually go through depression. most teens have "normal" and "cool" standards that you are forced to live up to if you are a teen:

1) you have to have a girlfriend/boyfriend otherwise you are gay (i dunno why teens call eachother gay even when they are straight)

most relationships at this time are based on insecurity, these are the reasons anyone would want to have a girlfriend:

1) rid of the pressure of being called gay or other stupid comments
2) show off
3) get closer to the other person than just a friend can

relationsips these ages are only based on looks, not whats on the inside. today, you have to be good looking and have bigs tits and ass otherwise you are considered unworthy by some moron who will eventually dump you for someone else!

2) you must smoke, drink, and have sex (funny how such morally wrong things are considered godly by teens)

3) you can't wear "whity tighties" or you will be dissed by most boxer wearers who have smaller d***s than you
(i wear boxer-briefs)

4) you must hate your parents

i am conservative and a teen. i went to school with these kind of morons. their rules control you and u cant do anything about it. while they bitch about how "popular" they are they are the most insecure. while you, the "unpopular" kid becomes sucessful in life, its usually the "cool" kids that will be flipping burgers
i am consrvative, but i am still turned on by hot girls, but i respect conservative one. maybe i find a wife that is hot and conservative at the same time, but i dunno. i dont like teen dating because most teens make it look so fucking stupid (i am not insulting all teens)
by conservative July 18, 2005
Top Definition
Something im not proud to be, because a lot of teenagers are quite simply put; idiots.
Im 17, and I look around and see all of these people (teenagers) moping around, I tell them that we live like kings and they shrug me off and tell me about how bad their life is because, for example, they got dumped.

Teenagers aren't mentally ready, or responsible for relationships. Love at first sight? No, lust at first sight my good gentlemen, there is a difference.
by Not Zane September 08, 2004
People who get no repect and are looked down upon because some of us are idiots.
Not all teenagers are bad, disrespectful, know-it-all, idiots. It's just a pathetic sterotype.
by seth_cohen_fan January 14, 2006
Someone who has everything but appreciates nothing.
Every teenager(including me, at times)
by Dr Doom January 21, 2005
Human beings who are unsure whether they are adolescents or adults.
Teenagers annoy me despite the fact that I am one.
by Rodney Basil August 19, 2004
Something you either have been, are, or will be.
Stop fucking adolescents! Look up and you'll know why.
by TanooKirby May 23, 2003
People who are treated like children but expected to act like adults.
Teenagers are common victims of ageism.
by l1011tristar17 February 15, 2010
people who suffer the most ageisum. most people dislike them. others dont understand them being a teenager is the hardest part of your when confused of who you are and what you wanna do with your life. which is made worse by ageist older people who think all of them are sex obssesd, drug dealing pot heads. Which i find very harsh
two teenagers are walking
adult one- look at those good for nothing kids
adult two- lets cross the road before they tryto sell us drugs
by poiuiyuyredfth October 07, 2006
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