When used in the manner to denigrate, it is a superficial umbrella statement asserted against youths between the 13-19 age bracket. The word's negative connotations stem from the actions of the minority of adolescents who typically display qualities and proclivities that can be construed as unappreciative, lame and otherwise emo. While these behaviors only account for a small percentage of the group, the majority of the demographic demonstrates responsibility by involving themselves with extracurricular activities and organizations, striving for academic excellence, holding a job, performing chores, volunteering their time and services to charitable causes, AND coming home in time for curfew.

Fellow teenagers who demonstrate ageism toward their own peers are generally anti-social, bandwagon-jumping slapwads who try too hard to appear edgy and enlightened, thus categorizing them with other lameass individuals of their age bracket; this behavior can only be encapsulated with the term "teenager," by their defintion.
No, not all teenagers are drug toking, binge drinking, baby making chimpanzees from hell. However, if you do insist on exercising your right to be a misanthropist, the moral of this definition is to hate the individual, or the subculture, and not the entire group.
by Katsu April 30, 2005
1. The years between 12 and 20. Fun but scary years. Imagine living in an episode of Wonder Showzen and you're only halfway there. Becoming a teenager is like emerging from a deep sleep,everything is clear now.IE: The world is very fucked up.
As a teenager,you can have everything you want but nothing that you need. Many people don't realise how painful it can be sometimes and the term "Whingy teenager" is constantly thrown at you from all sides. Once I get to 20,I hope to be treated like a human being again.
Your teenage years ,so I've been told, prepare you for adult life. Well ,coming from a teenager,adult life will apparently be restless,emotional and very,very confusing. So there you go.
2.Also a song my My Chemical Romance. Och,it's good!
1. "Teenagers scare the living shit out of me." I muttered,watching a fellow teenager attempt to have sex with a kitten.
2. "Teenagers scare the living shit outta me!",sang My Chemical Romance to the crowd. Many fangirls never recovered.
by bandanasarerad October 22, 2006
Like any age group, theres some good and some bad. They are a diverse group of people, affected mostly by their 3 enviornments (school, social, home) and their everchanging emotional state will determine how they are in those enviroments. Many elders look on this group as nothing but a bunch of "smokin, drinkin, lazy, noisy good for nothin' punks who have sex and do whatever the fuck they want" though really it just depends on the individual. Im gonna be 17 at the end of this comin' august, and i will admit that i do smoke and drink at times, but its not all the time, and it doesnt make me a bad person cuz i dont go doin anything to anyone else. I just wanna live. There are teens who are understood and theres ones who are misunderstood, yet there a lotta adults who say "all teens just think theyre misunderstood and ignored, but we know whats right for them" and that pisses me off the way those adults think they can speak out for us like that. I think it would help if the stereotypes about our age group lightened up.
Two elderly folks on a bench watching a group of 3 teens walk by:
Elderly1:Look at those good for nothing punks walk by, theyre always up to no good i tells ya!
Elderly2:What? Theyre just walking and talking
Elderly1:But look at how theyre trying to look all innocent yet theyre grouped up in their clan walkin and talkin about something, probably some scandal or something dirty
Elderly 2:Oh yeah, and look at how theyre smiling, that smug grin will be wiped off when the cops catch them!
Teenagers talkin amongst themselves: So, ya wanna go see a movie or play some football in the alley?
Teen1:Well first lets get outta here
Teen1:See them elderly folks over there givin us the evil eye?
Teen2:Yeah, why? Were just walkin and talkin!
Teen3:Damn, ones whippin out his cane, run!
Elderly1(with cane):Look at those troublemakers run, they know we dont want their trouble here
Elderly2:They aint afraid of the cops but theyre afraid of a whippin, he he!
Teen1:Theyre still givin us a look from a distance, what did we do?
Teen2:Were teenagers, of course those folks would snap
Teen3:But if we werent to go out and about like this, then our parents would get on our case on sittin around the house, thats why they think were all lazy, though its just some of us
Teen1:I guess were safe nowhere, though were the ones viewed as a threat to society
Teens:Lets just go home now
by some teen dude June 13, 2006
One who sleeps. All day. And yet, is always tired.
I'm 16, therefore, a teenager. But no matter how much i sleep: whether it is 4 hours or 14 hours, I will always be tired. It is the way of life.
by FWChickpea March 22, 2009
Often want to belong somewhere, or to something at any rate. Most, I admit, are grumpy, rebellious, lo-life. But some are GREEEAATTT!
But please, please, listen to them! They often have a lot of very interesting things to say and are lovely peeps :).
Most definitions are extremely biased, and very hypocritical. They describe teenagers as grumpy, whinging kids. But if you say that, it's something along the lines of: Pot calling the kettle black ;)
No example is necessary as teenagers vary in music taste, clothes taste and opinions
by Brit December 26, 2004

1. The most misunderstood people on the planet earth. and/or a person between the ages of 13-19. the most complicated years of your life..... and supposedly the most fun?!?!

2. A really good song by My Chemical Romance

i am one myself.and i am telling you so far it is not f'ing fun.

teenagers are the future. frightened? if not, there is something wrong with you. lol.
by skittles princess March 07, 2008
Also known as "teen" which is short for the term "Teenager."
A human being from the ages 13-19, in which the human body goes through puberty and starts maturing, (even though teenagers stereotypically don't act mature). Also known as the "adolescent." In the teen years, humans are driven crazy by hormones and females start becoming able to produce babies, and males produce sperm. This is the stage in which the humans(both female and male)become horniest.
Females are known to become bitchy and moody and males are known to become extremily horny.
The teen years are also when the human starts to discover their indivuality, though they are slowed down by the desire to "fit in," and/or be "cool." What is considered cool among teenagers has slightly changed over the years, though it pretty much stays the same.

A teen's guide on how to be considered "cool:"

1) REBEL. (Do whatever your parents tell you NOT to do, {or what your parents already do if they don't disipline you enough}and Forget the rules!!! This includes doing drugs, taking part in sexual activites, binge drinking, sneaking out of the house, or anything else one can think of, that is illegal or completely stupid/unsafe.)

2. DRESS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. (--Even though a lot of teens argue that they dress like individuals, it's all pretty much the same.--In today's standards, that means that all girls must dress like whores, and boys must either dress like their clothes are too big for them {which explains the baggy pants that is falling off their butt,} or dress whichever way is considered "manly." This also means boys can't wear "whitey-tighties" if they want, even though it offers them support.)

3. LISTEN TO THE RIGHT MUSIC. (This means the teenager must listen to all the explicit music about all the "cool" things, like drugs and sex. Some even listen to music about suicide, drugs and sex.)

4. BULLSHIT YOUR GRADES. (This means only fake all your schoolwork, or don't do it at all, because if you actually try to learn, you will be a nerd/geek with no life, and that isn't cool. Being intelligent is so not cool!)

5. HANG OUT WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE. (In the world of the adolescent, there are many labels. Rule of thumb is that you hang out with teens of your label {Or, if you're a wannabe, you hang out with people who are "cool" only.} This means that emo kids only hang out with emo kids, punks only with punks, goths only with goths, {though these three can sometimes mesh together}; Preps only with preps, ghetto kids only with other ghetto kids, and Geeks, nerds, and rejects/losers can hangout with eachother, because no one likes them anyway, so they can mesh together and be uncool together.)

6. HATE YOUR PARENTS. (Just hate them, because they make your life miserable. Or, if you are one of those who have "cool" parents, who let you do whatever you want, then you are blessed, and this rule doesn't apply to you.)

7. NEVER LISTEN TO ELDERS. (Forget about adult advice. They were NEVER your age! Don't listen to their crap about avoiding mistakes. They just don't understand. No one, except for fellow teenagers, understands what it's like to be a teenager.)

8. NEVER BE GRATEFUL. (Even though the modern day teen is spoiled and has nothing to complain about, don't be thankful, because life as a teenager sucks anyway.)

Follow these 8 simple rules and you're on your way to become the coolest stereotypical teen ever!

Not all teens out there follow these rules. Teens vary in personality. Sadly though, the majority of them fall into the stereotype one way or another.

Unfortunately, all human beings go through the stage of being a teen/teenager/adolescent. Some don't stop being teens, while others grow up, have kids, and forget what it's like being a teenager, denying any of the mistakes they made while they were an awkward teen. Some even manage to raise more teens.
Teen a: iTs cOoL tO tYpE lIkE tHiS!

Teen b: I'm pregnate with my bbfs baby! we were on drugs and then it sorta happned like omg lol

Teen c: LIKE OMG! I love the mall and hanging out with all muh girlz. I LOVE YOU GUYS! XOXOX BFFS FOR LIFE!

teen d: girls are only good for sex. life is only good for sex

teen e: that is so uncool.

teen f: I hate my life.

Here's to all the smarter, uncool teenagers other there, who might be reading this!
And Here's to all the parents out there, who in spite of all the stupidness of the teenager, still give their support.
by OneUncoolTeenGirl March 12, 2006
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