Someone who is treated like a second-class citizen because they "ungrateful, good-for-nothing, know-it-all's". Because they "Don't realise how good they've really got it". They are ignored and nagged and expected to do every an adult asks without question, as if we are slaves, because we don't have a job amd so clearly don't work. Oh, working your ass off at school, then coming home and doing homework (a huge essay that will take up your entire evening) doesn't count as work, according to adults.
Adult: Don't you give me that attitude missy!
Teenager: genuinely confused what attitude?
Adult: THAT attitude!
Teenager: exasperated...o-k-a-y...
Adult: Don't you be all sarcastic with ME!
Teenager: sigh
by Emily Young, school kid, only 15 November 14, 2006
The stereotypical view on teenagers is that there whining, moody bitches but they are going to be like that because they're going through some changes.
Adults think that teenagers haven't got a point of view on anything and that they're all the same. Open your eyes, you pretentious twats! Of course they've got an opinion! It's no wonder teenagers become so grumpy because adults never hear what they've got to say.
I am a teenager myself and given the choice, I would listen to what a teenager has to say rather than listen to some annoying little kid go on about how he scraped his knee.
Give teenagers a chance. They have interesting points of view!
Teenager: School's terrible, Mum. The teachers want you to look like clones of each other. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? I'm an individual not a clone!
Mum: Yes dear
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 11, 2006
people ages 13-17. adolescents. most usually go through depression. most teens have "normal" and "cool" standards that you are forced to live up to if you are a teen:

1) you have to have a girlfriend/boyfriend otherwise you are gay (i dunno why teens call eachother gay even when they are straight)

most relationships at this time are based on insecurity, these are the reasons anyone would want to have a girlfriend:

1) rid of the pressure of being called gay or other stupid comments
2) show off
3) get closer to the other person than just a friend can

relationsips these ages are only based on looks, not whats on the inside. today, you have to be good looking and have bigs tits and ass otherwise you are considered unworthy by some moron who will eventually dump you for someone else!

2) you must smoke, drink, and have sex (funny how such morally wrong things are considered godly by teens)

3) you can't wear "whity tighties" or you will be dissed by most boxer wearers who have smaller d***s than you
(i wear boxer-briefs)

4) you must hate your parents

i am conservative and a teen. i went to school with these kind of morons. their rules control you and u cant do anything about it. while they bitch about how "popular" they are they are the most insecure. while you, the "unpopular" kid becomes sucessful in life, its usually the "cool" kids that will be flipping burgers
i am consrvative, but i am still turned on by hot girls, but i respect conservative one. maybe i find a wife that is hot and conservative at the same time, but i dunno. i dont like teen dating because most teens make it look so fucking stupid (i am not insulting all teens)
by conservative July 18, 2005
Someone who is confused 24/7, has no idea what s/he wants to do with his/her life, is probably doing something really stupid right now because of their confusion, is ungrateful, moody, self-centered, and is either really self-conscious or really arrogant. Teenagers are confused because they question everything the see or hear, and they can't figure out what to believe, and what’s wrong or right. Some ways that adults can help teenagers through this rough time is 1) remembering what it felt like to be a teenager and relating their experiences to that of the teenager, 2) listening to what the teenager has to say instead of figuring that their opinions aren't valid, 3) letting them know that the adult cares about them and that the adult would do anything to make their hardships disappear, and, 4) by being as understanding as possible, no matter how ungrateful, stupid, and self-centered the teenager acts. Some ways that a teenager can be healthy and happy is 1) just being YOURSELF; stop acting the way “everyone else” is and do things because you think they are the right thing to do, not because somebody else said they are the right thing to do, 2) by mentally saying “Fuck you” to whoever steps on you and tries to tell you that you are worthless, and just moving on, 3) by being practical and not so impulsive, and keeping in mind that its normal to have intense sexual desire and intense confusion, and that acting on pure impulses is self-destructive and will not necessarily make you happy, 4) by keeping in mind that its OKAY if you don’t know what you want to do with your life right away; it will come naturally, so don’t force it or you will probably get frustrated, 5) by remembering that although many adults will try to manipulate you, that doesn’t mean you can’t trust any of them. Search for the ones you think you can trust, and let them give you advice, and, 6) by not taking life too seriously; laughing often and trying to use your inner wisdom to get you through this hellish thing we call life.

I hope this will help you and that it is somewhat valid; I’m 16 years old, so if you are a teenager, know that we are in this together even though I don’t know you. Peace.
I really hope that I am not a stereotypical teenager.
by Becca Jane January 02, 2007
thought to be a no-good-being, full of trouble and constantly doing illegal things. when in reality, we like unicorns, footy pyjamas, disney movies, and peanutbutter and jam sandwiches. we make a production out of eating fishy crackers or animal crackers. we like bubbles and sparkles and we wish we were jedi knights. when we grow up we want to be princesses and super heros. we like domo, phineas and ferb, finding nemo and we sing the bill nye the science guy theme song when it comes on. sure not all of us are like this. but i know a lot of people my age (15) have the maturity level of a 6 year old. we aren't all into getting smashed doing drugs having wild parties and sex.
teen: bye mom i'm going out?
mom:where are you going?
teen: to jens house to watch finding nemo. she got a new lightsaber too... and i want one too.... can i have one mom?
mom: you're supposed to be a teenager not a six year old.
teen: mom, i am 15. i am a teenager. i'm just more fun than you were when you were 15.
by meanwhile, in the real world September 05, 2011
Someone who psychologically toes the line between childhood and adulthood. This usually begins at the age 13 and ends at 18, but it can sometimes start early and end late, and vice versa.
Claudia: But, Sean, we need someone to watch the boys!
Jimmy: Look, it's not THE boys, all right?! It's A boy, and a TEENAGER!
by Elizabeth Bennett March 25, 2006
A time when God is most unfair to and individual...or atleast it seems that way...
Joe is a teenager and just got his girlfriend pregnant. Now his life is over. How unfair.
by bd1992 August 02, 2007
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