Age group that people apparently like to hate. This is due to the media, those few teens who want to go out and act like a dumbass, and those who want to consider 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds teenagers.
Those who bash teenagers are either:

- People who believe everything they read/watch on the news,

- People who want to bash teenagers because they couldn't (or can't, if they're a teenager themselves) get a girlfriend at that age, or

- Kids who believe what they see on nickelodeon (uncapped on purpose)/disney channel (also uncapped on purpose)/etc., whose shows depict teenagers in the wrong way.
by Tisteca June 11, 2007
A funny age, where you're not quite a child - not quite an adult. Little kids think it's cool to be a teenager (it isn't). Adults assume we're all dumb fuckers who get drunk on benches and cause trouble (not all of us). People always say if a teenager is unhappy or going through a tough time, it's down to hormones. How irritating for someone to say this, when you're going through genuine problems. A lot of us have major worries. School, jobs, family, relationships, friends, the way we look - there's a lot of expectations thrown upon us. Excuse us for not being jolly 24/7. We're also very well aware, the choices we make today will affect the rest of our lives. The last thing we want is to grow up to be old and bitter; full of regret! Just cut us some slack, please. Most of us are decent human beings!
Old woman #1: Oh, look at that teenager with his baggy jeans and hoody. I suppose he's just spray painted a wall! *laughs*
Old woman #2: What are you talking about?
by threeohthreeftw September 21, 2010
A person whose age ends with "teen." Some are normal, some are idiots. Often stereotyped by the media to be idiots who listen to punk rock, etc.
Me: Hello. Idiot: Oh my god a teenager! Run! Me: Shut...up!
by spel itt rite January 18, 2006
The future of our world.

Shopkeepers shift their eyes to them when they enter a shop, because of the ageist attitude the world has towards them. Icy glares all round. And it doesnt matter if last week these very teenagers walking did a ten mile barefoot walk for amnesty international, or helped out volunteering at a literature festival, or performed at a cancer research fundraiser (which they did)

they are teenagers, and therefore scum,
i blame "the times" for the prejudice, and "the sun" for the problems of the world.
Shopkeeper 1: Hey, look at those teenagers, they are obviously here to rob, steal and plunder our goods"
Shopkeeper 2: I know...look at the scary blood drive flyers theyre handing out, and their t-shirts saying "GIVE BLOOD.GIVE LIFE
Shopkeeper 1: they probably stole them, too.
by Missindependant June 03, 2009
God's punishment for enjoying sex.
My Economics teacher: You know, the thing about teenagers is... they are God's punishment for enjoying sex.

(Classroom falls silent, students actually paying attention)
by Balfdor June 11, 2007
Teenagers; they are misunderstood in so many ways. Everyone thinks they are so obbsessed with sex or drugs. Being the medias fault, some have fallen to this sterotype. Basically, we are toddlers again. Toddlers are always trying to discover that world in new ways, because they dont know anything about it. Teenagers are trying to discover the world too, but with every single stress imaginable on thier shoulders. Stresses like: friends, what they look like, crushes, parents, grades, and their normal routine.
by Another Pair of Eyes March 21, 2010
Teenager, exactly what it says on the box. Those whose iage/i] falls within the iteens/i]
13, 14,15,16,17,18,19
Not quite a child, not quite an adult.
For some reason, the media likes to attempt to convince people we are all criminials.
Society: FACE IT! Being a teenager is NOT A CRIME as the way lots of people behave towards us would make you think.
In my opinion, ageism is just as bad as all the other ___isms.
Sorry but I don't believe in being suspicious of someone purely because of the amount of birthdays they had.
In that light, the pathetic plastic fictional sterotype of teenagers portrayed by the media is exposed for what it really is, huh?
Which is:
Sure, some of them are criminals.
How do you get from some teenagers are criminals to all teenagers are criminals?
That's like saying that some adults have commited crimes therefore all adults have past offences to their name.
Now, whether or not most graffiti is done by teenagers or not, I won't debate.
But if I said that most adultery is done by adults therefore all/most adults commit adultery, you'd probably look at me like I'd gone mad.
Maybe teenagers do commit more crimes than others but more things are illegal for teenagers than any other group, in my experience.
If you look through any anti-teenager website and replace 'teenager' with 'adult', their points are rather brillantly underpinned.
Furthering the first point I made, what is society coming to if, as the media and sterotypes and the general public would have you believe, if you're automatically a criminal when you turn thirteen and automatically stop being a criminal when, and only when, you have your thirteenth birthday.
Sure, there's some that act up in school.
The thing is, 'peer discipline' has more options open to it than being discliplined by someone in a position of trust.
Just one question for everyone,
If for example you had to hit the school 'geek' ((We'll call them Richard)), and either way you would be punished in different ways which scenario would you pick?
A: Hit Richard and get told off at best or get expelled at worst
B:Don't hit Richard and get sent to coventry at best, or at worst get severly beaten up

Teenagers are a group of people who are often suspected of crimes because of the amount of birthdays they had.

by Walking Talking Dictionary October 01, 2006
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