People who are treated like children, but expected to act like adults that are usually misunderstood.
It sucks to be a teenager.
by littlemissurbandictionary January 05, 2011
A young person who should not be treated like a stereotype, a child, or an adult, because he or she is neither. Instead, a person should treat a teenager like they have no idea what the word 'teenager' means or implies and thereby approach them with no preconceptions at all, basing their interaction on how said teenager acts or reacts. Never treat more than one teenager in the same way because they are all teenagers and thereby predictable. Teenagers are nothing more than people and should be treated as such; hence, individuals whom you could stand to learn more about before judging.
A woman walks in on her husband playing a video game to cool off after a long day at work. "Stop being such a teenager!" she yells.
by C.S.H. December 28, 2009
one who is in thier teens. I should know I am 16.
I am a Teenager and a generally honest one at that.
by Light Joker May 17, 2004
The age at which we start to leave childhood and realize that life isn't fair and shit happens.

Often times, teenagers learn a lot, and begin to realize they know a few things, so their parents think believe that teenagers truly think they know absolutely everything.

Oh, and whenever a problem happens, teenagers will most certainly rather blame somebody else for it than themself.
Teenagers on twitter:
A: Uhg I can't believe my mom took my cellphone she hates me so much.

B: It's so cold outside
C: Why are all my teachers so annoying?
D: I wish I had somebody to cuddle with but nobody likes me
by koja November 29, 2012
one who is better prepared for the zombie apocalypse but not tomorrow's math test
by UnknownSkater May 11, 2013
someone that does not have a fully developed brain yet. the brain does not fully develop until the age of about 24. this explains the stereotype behavior and attitude of a teenager. the brain controls most things important in the human. the teenagers brain has not finished developing in some areas.. one area being a part that tells them that "this is wrong" or "you could die from this". this is why they so easily do drugs, smoke, speed and hav unprotected sex.. as they simply don't think "anything will happen to them". its not their fault. its all part of growing up. and everyone goes through it. so fucking back off you tight ass adults who have nothing better to do all day than complain about teenagers and what they do.
teen boy: bro i got up ta 180 on the motorway bro.
teen boy2: ayy thats fucking mad ay.
teen boy: yeah gona do it now wana come?
teen boy2:of course bro.

adult: teenagers and their fucking cars, dont they know they could die??
Teenagers aren't all weed smokers and gangbangers. And for the ones who are thats because the STUPID adult they are living with don't have a cluse and obviously can't raise a child. teenagers are going through the most important period in a persons life. During this Time period you find out who you are and what you can do. You start a real relationship, you get your heart broken and you prepare for the rest of your life...Something most adults haven't thought about yet bacause they too busy getting drunk on their mothers couch to think about any thing else
Adult one: You ain't no good you are just like your father.
Teenager 1: You made me like my father but its best I'm not like you
Adult one: How about you go live with him
Teenager 1: If you had asked him his name I probably could

Adults make their problems out of ours!!!!Thats why we rebell!!!
by lovelytie November 25, 2007
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