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A sexual move which became wildly popular during the 90's when a man gets a woman's nipples hard by either; rubbing ice cubes on her tits, doin' her in a walk-in freezer, doin' her outside in the cold weather, or any other cold involved situation to get them nips erect. Then the man places one or both of his balls on the erect nipple, the "tee" and uses his dick, the "club" to drive the ball(s) off the tee.
Bro it's so cold outside, I think if I crack open my window enough cold air will leak through that i'll be teeing off on this big-faced hunnie in no time!

Holy shit man we were so wasted last night she actually let me tee off!
by Looder December 13, 2009
When a person becomes that irate they throw a large fit and start shouting profusely and then tend to kill small children.
i was teeing off the other night I killed that bitch!
by SuBo31 July 16, 2010
a phrase refering to masturbation. A.K.A beating off, jerking off. If one says they have a 4:00 tee time, it would mean that individual is planning to masturbate at 4:00.
Nick: hey pal!
Jay: hey there good friend.
Nick: whats up?
Jay:oh nothing much, just finished teeing off.
Nick:atta boy;)
by jaysonderulo December 06, 2010
When you take a fight to the ground and you throw huge left and rights at them with great force and speed. They can't take it.
(after a brutal fight) That guy was teeing off
by downtownbosscat May 03, 2009

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