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1. Yiddish word for goose fat. 2. A man who has all he could ever need or want but doesn't know it.
My grandmother always put gendznshmalts on the pan before cooking lakkes.

A little gendznshmalts adds so much flavor to a pot of chicken soup.

French fries cooked in gendznshmalts are "to die for".

Jason is such a gendznshmalt, he should just sit back and enjoy the ride.
by Gendznshmalts August 05, 2009
Pretending not to be, or not letting on that one is Jewish.
My boss was showing me how to “count” money from Jews and I decided to remain jewvisible to keep my job.

When we were splitting up the change for the pizza I accidentally gave myself too much, luckily I was jewvisibile at the time.

The cute nose and blue eyes provide natural jewvisibility.

The name Eric is a a jewvisibility cloak passed down from my parents.
by Gendznshmalts July 26, 2009
A statement made in one’s presence, often in jest, which is intended to be an exaggeration but is, in fact, true.
The tootruth came out when I said I liked garlic and Samanta said “I’ll bet you got a lot of dates in high school”.

I missed my morning dose of Clonazepam and was pretty grumpy. When Blake said “Dude, chill, what’d you forget to take your meds ?”, the tootruth was told.

This chick at work was telling a story about how she was getting hit on at a bar and said “OMG, nasty, why do hairy back fat guys always like me.” The tootruth is, I like her.
by Gendznshmalts July 26, 2009
The paranoid feeling that someone you are chatting with is doing something else, especially chatting with someone else, while you are chatting with them.
When she started loosing track of the conversation and taking too long to respond the chatinoia set in.

Maybe it's chatinoia but I think he was using another screenname to cyber with that chick he just met.

WTF is with the chatinoia! We chat for hours! Are you taking your meds?
by Gendznshmalts July 25, 2009
Masturbating after viewing pictures from one of the many online hip and/or ironic tee shirt sellers (probably to your left right now).
Dude, the second I saw the "RAWR means I love you in dionosaur" banner ad I knew I had to tee off.

I wanted to go to urbandictionary.com but didn't have time to tee off.

There are some sites I just can't visit while surfing at the library lest the desire to tee off arise.
by Gendznshmalts July 25, 2009
Those who hold large tracts of land and avoid the unsavory social ramifications of such wealth by promoting themselves as the defenders of the earth.
The untouched land would be beautiful where it not for the lurking greentry.

The stigma of owning 500 acres forced Grace to promote herself as greentry and her land as a wildlife conservancy.

The guilty greentry let visitors play in their woods, swim in their ponds, sleep in their houses, and go home Sunday night.
by Gendznshmalts August 17, 2009
A parcel of land which is presented to be a farm by it's owner and has the trappings of a real farm but is not.
The Watson's fauxm is hundreds of acres of open fields and woods but they only have 19 chickens, some sheep and a few horses.

Most of the fauxm "work" involves primping the many rustic dwellings which are seldom used for anything but recreation.

Only on a fauxm can a person sit in an outhouse and surf the Internet.
by Gendznshmalts August 18, 2009

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