The act of one man fucking another.
"Did you hear about Justin? Ryan caught him getting Tebowed hard last night!"
by denver92 October 30, 2011
Top Definition
ADJ. Used to describe a person who is honorable, respected, and/or amazing.
My mom is so Tebow.
by Frank in FLA November 29, 2009
Adj. Getting something done, but in a very shitty manner
Jake: "He did such a shitty job."
Me: "He still got it done thought."
Jake: "Yep he pulled a Tebow."
by ZaBlazer November 24, 2011
pulling something off in spite of the disbelief of all those around you.

managing to pull something out of your ass that no one thought you could.

being awful at something for a majority of the time that you are doing it and then somehow pulling yourself together in the last moments to secure victory.
Joe your presentation was such a Tebow, somehow you pulled it together at the very end despite screwing up throughout it.

"How the hell did he win that game? "

"He's Tim Tebow coach"
by jenkhouse411 November 18, 2011
tee-boh verb -

1) to drop to one's knee, regardless of surroundings, bow one's head and pray to the Almighty that somehow you won't fuck up whatever it is you are doing

2) to randomly drop to one's knee and bow one's head - in the fashion of "professional" football player and "quarterback" Tim Tebow - in public settings (see also: planking & owling)
1) "He was totally blowing it with that chick, so he Tebowed. Somehow, he ended up nailing her."

2) "Dude, is that guy Tebowing in line for the ATM?"
by peopleoverprofits December 07, 2011
A person who has lost functional use of their left arm.
I guess it could have been worse. He got the use back in his legs, but the accident still left him a Tebow.
by washheightsboy January 11, 2012
An expression used on a girl you respect, but still find incredibly attractive. You take her out to a nice dinner, and wait (to have sex) to you marry her. As opposed to taking her out to a nice dinner and f*** her
Man, Amber is so hot. I'd like to Tebow her.
by Bobby Milwaukee August 13, 2012
The act of an athlete kneeling on his/her knee and praying during a game.
When I saw that Stanford kicker Tebow i knew he was gonna miss that kick.
by UIC123 January 02, 2012
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