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When you are taking a dump in your employer's executive restroom "bowel movement" and one of the 1% people try to open the stall door. You scream "Occupied!" You then stay in there for an extended period of time to disrupt them from tying to do their "business."
I was in the executive restroom taking a dump at work when the CEO tried to open the door. I screamed "Occupied." Then I stayed in there for like 2 days to prove my point. It was my Occupy Movement protest.
by LuckyAZ December 29, 2011
A girl sticks her finger up your ass and screams shazam. Like from the I Dream of Jeanie show only a sexual move.
The sex was normal until she gave me a shazam. I was like, wait a minute this was not one of my three wishes.
by LuckyAZ December 29, 2011
Girl kneels blowing a guy with fingers up his rear while he says "Thank you Jesus." He then baptizes her in his angelic offering of life "seamen to the forehead."
This Sunday my girl gave me a Tebow while watching the game. It was a true blessing.
by LuckyAZ December 29, 2011

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