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To get run over, or trucked while playing football. Originates from Tim Tebow's ability to run over all of mankind from the QB position.
Did you see Laurinaitis get Tebowed?
by T-Bake May 06, 2009
Losing a football game in heart-wrenching fashion to an underdog. Usually an unlikely comeback in the final quarter of a football game. Derived from Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos.
Wow bro, I can't believe the Jets let Tebow win the game like that. They got Tebowed!
by BigTimeTimmyBow November 17, 2011
(verb) - inexplicably beat or rejected by someone of inferior talent.
Dude, I can’t believe that chick Tebowed you, she wasn’t even that attractive.
by psychdoctor November 18, 2011
verb, used to indicated defeat by a a force that is on paper inferior but continues to enjoy success, for non-quantifiable reasons.
The Chicago Bears got Tebowed today!


That test Tebowed me.
by DJFreto December 11, 2011
To be vastly over-matched and fail miserably in some important endeavor.
I tebowed my climb up Mt. Everest: lost both feet, six fingers, and didn't even make it halfway up the mountain.
by pablopicasso! January 15, 2012
To suffer a humiliating defeat, especially after outplaying your opponent or a holding a lead for most of the game. Generally involves one or more freak, gut-wrenching plays that lead you to wonder if a higher power was at work.
Brian: "I can't believe we lost..."

Steve: "What happened?"

Brian: "Their quarterback went 0 for 14 until 30 seconds left, and then heaved a ridiculous touchdown pass that sent it into overtime."

Steve: "And?"

Brian: "We got the ball first and were driving down the field easily, only to have our running back fumble it away. Then their kicker booted a 67 yarder to win it!"

Steve: "Lol you got tebowed."
by da1n January 08, 2012
Verb: To get Jimmered, i.e., to succeed at something in an exceptional manner. Named after BYU point guard Jimmer Fredette and adapted to Tim Tebow. It is said of Jimmer that he is within three-point range the moment he steps off the bus. Similarly, Tebow has a chance, and perhaps even a likelihood, to win a game the minute that game is scheduled.
The Pittsburgh Steelers got Tebowed Sunday night.
by jzalisa January 08, 2012
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