The act of praying to god in a knee position after you have done something terrible.
To Tebow, rest your left leg on the ground and put your right leg out and bend your at a 90 degrees then rest your left arm and lay it across the center of your right thigh take your right arm and bend it to where it looks like your flexing then take your eblow and place on your right knee and take your right hand put in a fist and lay your head on it.
You just shot your best friend then you had sex with has girlfriend in has bed and got her pregant then left her, then he Tebow to god and all is forgiven.
by Countryflower March 06, 2012
The female version of Teabag. An act in which a female squats over another face, so her legs form a bow shape, and places her vagina on top of the unsuspecting persons face.
When Sally passed out in the bar, Tiffany lifted her skirt up and put her hairy pussy on Sallys lips giving her a dirty Tebow.
by GrandpasLittleSecret January 10, 2012
Sexual position completed on one knee where a man kneels behind a woman facing outward as he shoves his fist into her vagina as she stands with his tounge inside her anus pleasuring her. Prayer optional!
Jimmy tebowed Megan for the win!
by PiggySkin January 09, 2012
Someone who goes out of their way to remind others how religious they are
George W. Bush and Rick Santorum are total Tebow's
by rtv0587 November 26, 2012
One of the most famous homosexual football players in NCAA Division I history. Plays "quarterback" currently with the Denver Broncos.
Janice: Did you see Tebow cry on Sportcenter?
Me: Yep
by Jon221 December 05, 2011
any sausage that can be kept without refrigeration.
"Mom gave me a tebow for Christmas this year; I ate it with some cheese and mustard."

"This tebow has a surprisingly dark smoky taste."
by meangirl2012 January 12, 2012
Girl kneels blowing a guy with fingers up his rear while he says "Thank you Jesus." He then baptizes her in his angelic offering of life "seamen to the forehead."
This Sunday my girl gave me a Tebow while watching the game. It was a true blessing.
by LuckyAZ December 29, 2011

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