Hilary Duff as a country singer.
Taylor Swift sings like Hilary Duff, she acts like Hilary Duff...but she just adds and banjo and a fiddle and that makes her on the country station.
by Kyle 230 December 11, 2009
An annoying young woman who lives in a fantasy world and gets waay to much credit for writing average songs with preschool level lyrics and music so easy a coffee cup could perform it.
Person 1 : "Fuck that is an annoying song on the radio. I want to punch whoever is singing that shit right in the junk"
Person 2 : "That's Taylor Swift and you're right it is fucking terrible. She deserves a kick in the box"
by BoxerBoy987 October 29, 2009
A girl who sings "country" and who for some reason everyone seems to like. however, if you look into her eyes, you can plainly see the pure EVIL that hides there under thet "inocent" persona.
Taylor swift is a grown woman who looks nice but is pure evil.
by truthtellerx4 July 08, 2010
A complete waste of life and money. Another 18 year old girl white girl who thinks she can sing but cant and spends all her money on auto tune. Also seems to follow a lyric pattern of hate men love men which is the basis of most other country music as well now a days.
Damn Taylor Swift must be broke, she puts all her money into autotune. i think she should just give up she sounds like a raspy monkey jerking off and flinging poop all over the place.
by buttmusket July 23, 2009
A prime example of how looks can get you anywhere in America. Despite her rat like features, our nation has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is one of the worst singers to ever come out of country music. Her songs were good when she first came out but then they got old, repetitive, and most of them are just stupid with little to no real meaning, other then her bad experience with a boy. I expected a little bit of a different sound in her new album now that shes hit 21, but Taylor Swift is a 8 year old in an 21 year old body. If you hate on Taylor Swift in public you are asking for a death wish because even your best of friends will hate you. Taylor Swift is most famous for being interrupted by Kanye West at the VMAs. She road that gravy train to ultimate stardom and wrote a stupid song about the experience called Innocence.
Jennifer: "I mean yeah maybe Taylor Swift has a good personality, but she's a horrible singer.."

Jennifers best friend: "Don't ever f-ing talk about Taylor Swift like that again, you're obviously jeal..."
by April Bee December 17, 2010
Cocaine, derived from the term "white girl".
A: Damn, what the hell was wrong with Frank at the party last night? He never shut up for more than five seconds, dripped blood all over the carpet and insisted we listen to "Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac on repeat for an hour.

B: He's a big Taylor Swift fan.

A: Ah.
by Denholm Elliot October 13, 2010
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