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A demeaning term used make fun of a certain female's small or obsolete breasts.
"You have Taylor Swift boobs"

by BRADYMYERS1 January 16, 2010
Okay singer. She does write all her own songs, but they are mostly about the same thing. She has a nice voice. All her songs are catergorized as country but are really pop. I don't know why are these people are saying she's a good role model because all she does is sing about guys. She is nice and funny. A lot of idiotic girls now hate her because she dates Taylor Lautner. I don't think she's deserved as many awards as she's gotten, but she is a good person.
Have you heard the song Love Story by Taylor Swift?
Yeah, it's pretty good. But definately not country.
by janebtrox February 03, 2010
Hilary Duff as a country singer.
Taylor Swift sings like Hilary Duff, she acts like Hilary Duff...but she just adds and banjo and a fiddle and that makes her on the country station.
by Kyle 230 December 11, 2009
An overrated pop star.

-She gets all her fame and fortune by making everyone feel sorry for her. Kanye West disses her bloody horrible and stupid music video that she stupidly won an award for, so now the whole world feels bad for her, so now she wins every award possible.Got girls everywhere feeling sorry for her because Joe Jonas broke her heart after no more than a two month, long distance relationship.

-Has little vocal ability, yet wins awards against the likes of Martina McBride and Beyonce, again because people feel bad for her, and everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon.

-Claims to write all of her songs about personal experiences, yet if you listen to her albums, it's obvious that she is either a wh.ore who's had way to many boyfriends at such a young age, is a complete b.itch that no guy can stand to date for more than a month or two, or happens to be A LIAR.

-Acts as if she is all innocent and perfect, yet she wears extremely short skirts in concert, then disses short skirts in one of her songs. Oh, AND she takes pictures with people who have Nazi symbols painted all over their clothing.

-Is over emotional about guys. Thinks every guy she speaks to should adore her unconditionally forever and ever. And actually believes it's perfectly fine to stalk her ex boyfriends "just to check up on them" and admit to it, for the entire world to hear.

-Has NO vocal skills, NO guitar skills at all.

-Basically just an insult to country music.

Girl #2: HAHAHAHA. I thought it was funny. I mean, Beyonce's video was epic. Kanye was right, wether he was nice about it or not.
by Carrie18 January 04, 2010
An annoying young woman who lives in a fantasy world and gets waay to much credit for writing average songs with preschool level lyrics and music so easy a coffee cup could perform it.
Person 1 : "Fuck that is an annoying song on the radio. I want to punch whoever is singing that shit right in the junk"
Person 2 : "That's Taylor Swift and you're right it is fucking terrible. She deserves a kick in the box"
by BoxerBoy987 October 29, 2009
An okay singer, most famous for her songs, "Tim McGraw", "Our Song", and "Teardrops On My Guitar". She writes mostly about how much she hates her exboyfriends, how in love she is with guys who don't like her back, and just boys and love in general. Writes all her own songs, which is why most people like her. Most people call her music "country", but it's not. It's more pop with a really small country touch, better defined as "country-pop". But it's actually more pop than country. Her voice is okay on professional recordings, but she really sucks live, which is the hard truth. Dated Joe Jonas for like 2 minutes, but was then he cheated on her with Camilla Belle and dumped her (Taylor Swift) in a 27-second phone call. Pretty man-whorish of him, but it didn't do her good-girl reputation much good to have such a publicized break up.
Lissa-Hey, did you get the new Taylor Swift CD?
Sarita-Yeah, it's okay.
Lissa-OKAY? It's fuckin AMAZING!
Sarita-Mmm...she's really just okay. I mean she writes all her own songs, which is cool, but her voice kinda sucks.
Lissa-No it doesn't! I wish I could sing like her.
Sarita-Whatever. She's only famous because she's pretty. And a good lyricist. But that's pretty much it.
by A:) April 18, 2009
-An overrated, mediocre, blonde singer/songwriter who sings pop, not country.

-Fans tend to be stupid, white 12 year old girls who don't know what decent music is.

-People felt bad for her after Kanye West interrupted her at the 2009 VMAs. She should be thanking him.

-She doesn't deserve half of the awards she's received (including the one in the VMAs).

-At least she's somewhat of a decent role model.
I'm glad they stopped overplaying those annoying Taylor Swift songs.
by northjerseybitch. March 25, 2010