Rat-faced, terrible singer, incredibly fake.
Taylor Swift.
by kayada13 March 30, 2010
A girl version of Justin Bieber

Can't really sing nor play guitar
All of their songs are about stupid made-up love and only has two different chords
Acts like they're 5 years younger
Idols of retarded 6-13 years old girls
Little Girl: When I grow up, I want to be like Taylor Swift!

Girl 2: Isn't she the "country" singer with fucking mediocre songs with stupid lyrics?
Guy: Yeah, just like Justin Bieber
by Zimamindfucks December 22, 2010
Cocaine, derived from the term "white girl".
A: Damn, what the hell was wrong with Frank at the party last night? He never shut up for more than five seconds, dripped blood all over the carpet and insisted we listen to "Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac on repeat for an hour.

B: He's a big Taylor Swift fan.

A: Ah.
by Denholm Elliot October 13, 2010
The new Antichrist in music yeah my ex band-mate used to be the Antichrist Superstar but she took his position.
Taylor Swift- Buy my records or else
Me- Why?
Taylor- Cause I'm the fucking Antichrist bitch and I'll eat you
Me-Yeah right (grabs chainsaw and slices her up)
by Stephen Bier Jr November 17, 2009
One of those pretty nice girls . who is saddly doesn't have the talent to be a grammy winner-yet is.
The girl seams sweet,but she can't hit the right notes.
and in my opinion she is not ''the voice of the generation''!

oh and she acts country , but she's actoually just pop with some bango in the back.and she usese the same beats , and stuff.
Dude#1-Did u hear ''U belong with me'' by Taylor Swift

Dude#2-Yeah , cute song , WRONG singer!

Dude#1-But she's hot

Dude#2-I'm leaving
by TheRealDeaLL March 26, 2010
To tell your friends you are going to hang out somewhere while going to said location and joining in a two man jerk circle.
"I guess Droopy left to go and have a Taylor Swift."
by Naggrodamus Blackhoof June 04, 2009
A pop singer who says she is a a country singer. While her songs are good she is annoying cause she says she is country and alot of her fans say she is, and if you say diffencet they will try to hurt you.

A sex tape of her giveing oral to a unknown male and kissing miley cryus come out a few weeks ago. But she and her people got it and put videos of her in a swim suit from the song I'm only me when i'am with you on the internet saying it was the tape but it was not.
Hey did you hear taylor swift's new song it is ansome.

Yeah but i hate her cause she says she is country but really she is pop.

Yeah you hear that the sex tape of her was just the music video I'm only me when i'am with you.

Yeah but it was not the real one she just got the people posting it to change it to that video so she could say she was still a virgin.
by tiff6969 January 14, 2010

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