A girl who sings "country" and who for some reason everyone seems to like. however, if you look into her eyes, you can plainly see the pure EVIL that hides there under thet "inocent" persona.
Taylor swift is a grown woman who looks nice but is pure evil.
by truthtellerx4 July 08, 2010
A prime example of how looks can get you anywhere in America. Despite her rat like features, our nation has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is one of the worst singers to ever come out of country music. Her songs were good when she first came out but then they got old, repetitive, and most of them are just stupid with little to no real meaning, other then her bad experience with a boy. I expected a little bit of a different sound in her new album now that shes hit 21, but Taylor Swift is a 8 year old in an 21 year old body. If you hate on Taylor Swift in public you are asking for a death wish because even your best of friends will hate you. Taylor Swift is most famous for being interrupted by Kanye West at the VMAs. She road that gravy train to ultimate stardom and wrote a stupid song about the experience called Innocence.
Jennifer: "I mean yeah maybe Taylor Swift has a good personality, but she's a horrible singer.."

Jennifers best friend: "Don't ever f-ing talk about Taylor Swift like that again, you're obviously jeal..."
by April Bee December 17, 2010
A young rising artist that only focus on boys and apparently that's what her songs are mostly about. Influencing many children under the ages of 13 and regular teens that "getting a guy" equals to life. Most of her songs are about breakups with guys, falling in love with guys, when you're friends with the guys but he likes some other girl, comparing her lovelife to romeo and juliet, and when the guy hates you or when you hate him. She also write songs to get over guys.
Many people think she is a great artist for her guitar skills and her voice, but most haters seem to find that her voice sounds digitalize on the radio and if you actually hear her sing in real life she falls flat, loses breathe, and ect.

There is also another reason why she was such big of a fans and that is for:

-she's young and new
-she has talents and "looks"
-her songs has a good melody that most people enjoy too, but besides from the melody they are too busy enjoying that to understand that the lyrics aren't that great and only half the song is good
-she also steal songs and melodies from other bands if you listen very carefully but just changed it to more country or in a different octave.
-she knows the jonas brothers and know joe a little to well. she also made most of their fanbase obsess over her now.
-she will be appearing in miley cyrus's movie hannah montanna the movie as guest staring. miley cyrus being another star to the celebrity scene which is good since taylor got out some huge press from just hanging out with miley and the jonas brothers.

Person1: What are you listening too?
TayFan: OMG Taylor swift what are you a moron?
Person1: Umm no i was just wondering because i have to say the lyrics are terrible and it sounds like a 13 year old can right far better.
Tayfan: GASP you know what!!! Her songs are the best!
Person1: All she writes about is boy .. . oh wait i'm sorry you fanatize over boys too cause just like her you appear to be a slut
Tayfan: Gasp!that is so not true she doesn't write about guys except for Love story, our song, tim mcgraw which btw has no relation to tim at all so it was pretty stupid for tim to thank her for writing a song about him when it clearly was, white horse, you belong with me, i'd lie, stay beautiful, picture to burn, teardrops on my guitar,
Person1: Umm that's a lot
Tayfan: Pshh no it isn't! I should know since i get an A in counting.
Person1: Counting is not a subject
Tayfan: Well in Pe it is
person1: PE?
Tayfan: Ya! Counting how many split ends ugly girls have lol like you
Person1: Wow are you sure brown in your natrual color? Cause being a big blonde air head seems to fit you more
Tayfan: WHATEVER! (rolls head snap snap snap) Loser taylor rocks!
Person1: OKay whatever. have fun listening to your "corey's eyes are like a jungle, when he smiles it's like the radio" That does not even make sense! But okay i'm just going to be over here listening to some real music.
by Randomperson!! January 08, 2009
A gorgeous sorta country-ish singer who is currently VERY popular, especially among girls of all ages. Many call her talented, but...I kind of disagree. Her voice is sweet and pleasant but weak, her guitar playing is of the simplest caliber, and her songs are very very cliche, but kinda catchy. However, her hit single "You belong with me" I cannot STAND. It's overplayed and just obnoxious. "Oh, look at me, the girl my crush is dating wears high heels and short skirts, and I'm so much better and humble because I wear t-shirts and sneakers!! Oh, and she's a cheerleader so that automatically makes her a bitch! He should pay attention to me now because I'm less popular!" I'm sorry, I don't really even dislike Taylor Swift, I just can't STAND that song and i'ts message, like I said.

Me: Taylor Swift is alright. I mean, some of her songs are kinda catchy, but "you belong with me" just makes me cringe.
by The Mandon November 22, 2010
A 20 year old, who acts like a 9 year old, that sounds like a dying ferret with down syndrome. Her "music" appeals to young, insecure, tone deaf individuals who for some reason think she can ACTUALLY sing, and for some reason, each of her terrible and annoying songs have lyrics that are so simplistic and boring it makes you want to cut your ears off.
Taylor Swift cannot sing to save her life.
by Sampsonlong March 29, 2010
A complete waste of life and money. Another 18 year old girl white girl who thinks she can sing but cant and spends all her money on auto tune. Also seems to follow a lyric pattern of hate men love men which is the basis of most other country music as well now a days.
Damn Taylor Swift must be broke, she puts all her money into autotune. i think she should just give up she sounds like a raspy monkey jerking off and flinging poop all over the place.
by buttmusket July 23, 2009
What happened when some hoe ran into a rundown drunk cowboy town and decided to have sex with the nearest thing with a penis.

Result = a cutesy blonde girl who was told growing up she has a potential singing gift if only she would share it with the world, but now that she did 'share her gift' the world is asking her to go into hiding in Alaska because every time they listen to a song, their ears bleed in pain.

Listening to more than one Taylor Swift song a day (why you're listening to her whitetrash country shit i don't know..) will result in a very routine, depressing day because you will forever have the same melody stuck in your head but you won't be able to decide if you are

1. hating a guy
2. in love with a guy
3. or hating a girl who took the guy who you hate because you were in love with him then he left you for another hoe.

... Thanks a fucking lot Taylor Swift.

Go move to Alaska.

or better yet Canada, and take Justin Beiber with you.

P.S. scarlet letter refers to a girl who got knocked up, and is a classic. the song you use that to discribe yourself in is totally using it wrong because you're just being a whiney bitch because your dad won't let you date a drunkhobo. Completely wrong use of the phrase 'scarlet letter' .
depressed emo girl : God, i hate him and that stupid whore he ran off with. I loved him so much and he completely ruined me. I think I'll write a repetative song to express my feelings .. again.
person : too much Taylor Swift again ?
by lorettanicoleanne December 27, 2010

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