Taylor is the kind of girl you really hate or you really love.She is self conscious about her looks but she is beautiful inside and out.She is also very smart and really hates stuid things..She loves animals and drama.for guys she can be your best friend or more that friends.But you think she wont give you the time and day but just try it.She is always her self and nothing but herself you gotta love her.
Taylor,she is awesome and beautiful at the same time.
by Amy doe September 25, 2010
A great friend, She wont hurt you unless you really deserve it. She will always catch you when you fall... unless shes too small But she would if she could :) She does whatever possible to make you laugh or compfort you. Even if its just one more inside joke to go with the collection.
dude:Wow taylor your short!
dude: didnt she pee in your kitchen?
friend: umm yeah hehe
by Alyssa wheat January 13, 2009
a young average looking girl. Very fun!! Sarcastic and tenacious :) usually on the outskirts of the groups but always ready to jump in. Hard to understand easy to love :)
Omg that girl is so amazing who is she?
Duh thats Taylor!
by Beth 8] January 20, 2009
A Taylor is a fascinating girl. You may here blondes are the best, but you heard wrong. Brunette Taylor's are the one's you wanna meet. Also if you meet one with blue eyes, wow, you are a lucky one. Characteristics of a Taylor are usually funny, outgoing, sarcastic, nice, and can be jealous at times, but not often. They would take a bullet for their friend's in a second. They also have a way of leading boys on, so be careful...But if they really like you, cherish it. Taylor's don't fall for boys easily. And don't let a Taylor get away, weather it's a friendship or something more, you will regret not having a Taylor in your life.
Jordan: Dude, I met this girl named Taylor yesterday..
Jimmy: NO WAY! You're so lucky man.

Steve: This girl, I didn't catch her name, but she was nice, and so funny. She had brown hair, and blue eyes..but kinda sarcastic.
Chrystal: Well, her name must be Taylor.
by purplebandit1515 November 13, 2009
A total babe. Taylor's usually have guys falling over them. Taylors are charming, beautiful, have amazing eyes, funny, and smiley. Once you get to know them you will never want to lose them. People who meet taylors are lucky ones and Taylor's friends are usually the most important to them. Their friends love having them around because they are always so happy!
Boy: Hey do you want to introduce me to your Taylor?
Girl: Yeah why you like her?
Boy: Yeah! What guy doesn't?!
by Sweetie96 February 24, 2010
2. seductive
3. a gurl who cud hypnatize u wit her seductive dancin skillz.
jamie: damn bryan doesnt want to dance wit me!!

jen: well dats taylors man, u gotta be taylor to get dat!!
by b-ryan June 12, 2005
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