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Someone who has amazing hair. Very soft, shiny, beautiful.
'I want Taylor hair'

'I know it is the perfect hair'
by 1773 February 18, 2010
1. (pn)(fn) Can also be, and often is, a male name.

2. (pn)(sn) Began as a surname, spelt "Tailor".

3. (pn)(history) Originally, it was a name to define a person's position - tailor - in the workforce. All of these individuals were MALES, originally. Females were disallowed such positions. So, those MALES who were tailors, their surnames became Tailor (Ex: Robert Tailor) the same way a cook's surname became Cook (James Cook). Over a while, the spelling changed to Taylor, often because of immigration and the inability to spell names properly long ago. But it was males who the first name Taylor belonged to FIRST.

4. (pn)(confusion) So, no. Taylor isn't the name of some blonde girl who sleeps around. It is, and most oftenly, a MALE NAME. Just to clear up some confusion.
Man: Hey, I'm Taylor.

Guy: LOL Isn't that a GIRL name! HAHAHAHAHA

Man: Actually, no. It's originally a male name. And the majority of individuals with the name Taylor are males, or have the name as their surname.

Guy: Oh... EW, YOU'RE SMART.
by Schizophrenic Cannibal Lemon November 15, 2009
Someone who is extremely lacking in self esteem but is really an awesome person once you meet them. She is a fun loving person who is always really crazy but when you get to know her can be a really interesting person. She looks really nice too.
Damn her name must be Taylor
by Fagjelly March 14, 2010
One Hot Good Looking Girl... If You Ever Date A Taylor... Keep Her! Don't Ever Let Her Go.
A Cute Looking Girl Named Taylor.
by Obfdshbgfisjglsd December 27, 2009
A beautiful girl that can always be counted on no matter what... She loves guys but just cant seem to find the right one. She can be the girliest girl you've ever met or you could chill with her and think she is one of the guys. She is searching for her special someone but having fun along the way.. If you have met any Taylors dont let them go!!
Person 1: " Wow i wish i had a friend like her"

Person 2: "I know, isnt she such a Taylor?! :)"
by Smiley Babe 78045 February 08, 2010
A taylor is a very kind and butiful person she is caring and loves to party. she is always carful in what she does she may seem shy but once you get to know her she is truly and honestly amzing. she loves animals and all living things if u get a chance to know a taylor you are very lucky u should love her always and forever!
guy1: who is that girl? shes amzing
guy2: oh that is taylor she seems shy but shes all MINE so back off!
by magicbball14 February 21, 2010
1.A guy who you would give your heart to, because you know he would never break it if he tried.

2. The first word that pops into your head when you wake up in the morning, and the last one you think about before drifting off to sleep in te evening.
3. The kind of guy you consider spending the rest of your life with, despite only knowing him for about a month.
4.The name of the person that invades your dreams (, and no they are not night mares)
5. The one who will make himself look like a 'tard' just to see you smile.
6. What I would see as perfect.
(If there is need to list more definitions, I have a million, and will take over this site with them.)
1.Taylor is absolutely amazing.

2. I think I'm slowly falling in love with Taylor.
by x♪YouAreMySunshine♪x September 08, 2010