taylor is the coolest girl ever. she's nice, smart, funny, and knows just what to say to cheer anyone up. she's friends with almost everybody because everyone likes her. and she can be crazy when she wants to be. insanely hyper at times, she just doesn't care what people think of her and that's why so many people want to be her friend. blonde haired blue eye'd taylor's are the best. love you tay. ♥
taylor is my best friend.
MINEE!! not yours! muahahaa
you know you're jelous.
by macey24 July 28, 2008
someone that is good in the sack
danm he\she was taylor
A girl/guy that is extremely chill and has a cool vibe. They may seem relaxed most of the time but don't mess with them because they know how to screw you over with their witty, sarcastic, and sometimes bitchy moves. They are EXTREMELY attractive and are sex gods in the sack. But not total slut bags. Most time blonde/light brown taylors are the best. You want to hang with them, cause their smart, popular, hot, and athletic. They'll get you places in life.
Guy/Girl 1:I wanna bang Taylor....
Guy/Girl 2: Me too.....their fucking hot.
by Lovemelovemesayitbitch August 23, 2011
1.) A very "ballin" individual; "playa"

2.) The act of beating one in Guitar Hero.
Dude,that guy is so taylor!
You taylored me on that song!
by taylaaa June 22, 2008
Very sensitive to other's feelings. Knows wrong from right.. most the time anyway. Has those moments of "blondeness" and sometimes has kind of slow reactions. A great, loyal, smart friend. But has a temper, and gets annoyed easily.
An example could be if a joke is told it might take Taylor a few days or more to actually get it.
by monikkka :p September 29, 2010
probably the most charismatic person you'll ever meet, taylors are beautiful people inside and out. willing to bail you out of any situation, she's there night and day, sure to be wearing something amazing.
i want to be just like taylor when i grow up
by linneapolitan September 06, 2010
Taylor is naturally a a very beautiful girl, forgiving and honest. She loves being loved. And Will do anything for the one she loves.
I know Taylor loves me more than anything.. I can see it in her beautiful green eyes. :)
by blahblahblah..HaHa February 22, 2010

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