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The part of a womans body that is between the anus and the vigina.
It tant pussy, tant ass.
by ilikeitwetpls December 19, 2004
The space between either a mans balls and anus or a womans vagina and anus
Damn I would love to tickle that tant!
by its bob saget bitch March 24, 2009
Pants with a table built around the waist. As seen on the animated cartoon , Regular Show.
Not to be mistaken with taints , which other illiterate users spelled as t-a-n-t-s.
It isn't a proper dinner unless you are eating off your own tants.
by The Naive Man from Lolliland November 14, 2013
Some what like a pair of "shants" or pants or jeans or shorts but these are tants some torn pants
OMG!!!! I can see ur sack hanging out of that hole in ur tants.
I hate these tants their to holy!!
by Arifad August 20, 2007
1 (noun) The perineum; "the boring bit between Christmas and New Year";
hence {:)} Tanty (noun), Ankh-Morpork's state correctional facility.

2 (verb) To fiddle or tinker with the perineum.

3 (noun) December 26 to 31; the boring bit between Christmas and New Year.
1 "Is this a tant which I see before me"

2 "stop tanting and get on with the job, one way or the other."

3 The year's tant lies between the interesting bits.
by Dr Dave t' Hat December 05, 2009
Tattoo "pants" on a person, much the same way one has tattoo sleeves. Tants cover most of a person's leg surface area.
"Sara's tants are sweet! I like how the snake coils from her ankle up to her thigh!" "Yes, she should wear her tants more often!"
by Milhouse Reggaehorse June 12, 2009
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