crista is a very beautiful women with a bright future ahead of her. she may have her rough times in life but always finds a way threw them .she is an amazing friend with a beautiful personailty .very trustworthy and she handles her own because she doesnt need anyone to have her back she stand strong on her own and one day will grow up and do something big with her life
crista beautiful
by savior1 October 15, 2013
Voted no.20 in the top 100 prostitute names. Most commonly found in African countries and eastern European countries . Usually has Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. Found in brothels!
'Yo bro, There's that slut Crista, She's like the village bicycle
by Tomtom24 February 27, 2012
A very atractive and sexy female. But yet very horney and or perverted.
Dude one: That girl over there, she's pretty hot.

Dude two: Ya, but she always making perverted jokes and talking about sucking dick.

Dude one: Oh, she must be named Crista.
by Hey tony! December 11, 2010
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