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A noun used by children/young adults to refer to a(usually) non related mature woman that one is socially close to. This word is part of Trinidad and Tobago's vocabulary in the Casual register. Alternate spelling "tantie"
"I meet tanty Rosie by de shop"
by Zagaboy January 19, 2009
Shortened version of tantrum.
To crack the shits and throw a tanty.
by Adam November 15, 2004
Pronounced: TAN - TEE.

Verb - Condensed version of 'Tantrum'
"we'd better not dent the work vehicle again, last time the boss threw a massive tanty"
by Okzident January 06, 2010
The term used to describe a garment for your tits. Essentially, a pair of 'panties' for your tits. Tits + Panties = Tanties.
I was shopping online today, and I bought myself a new kickass pair of tanties!
by DirtyPirateHooker8512 July 06, 2009
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