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The part of a womans body that is between the anus and the vigina.
It tant pussy, tant ass.
by ilikeitwetpls December 19, 2004
High Five, or Hi 5. Smacking hands with a friend "high inh the air". Or, HI V, meaning HIV postive.
"Hey man, give me a high Five". Don't fuck her, she is HI V.
by ilikeitwetpls December 19, 2004
Anything that goes together well.
Hey, that shirt and tie go together like bacon and eggs.

Do this gold toof go wif my shirt? Hell yea, do bacon go wif eggs?
by ilikeitwetpls December 05, 2004
Crunk is slang for 'Crank', or 'Cranked'as the whities say.
We gonna crunk this place up. 'Crank this place up.'

When someone is crunked, they are cranked, or hyped up.

I couldn't get my car crunked.
Crunk that thing up!
by ilikeitwetpls December 07, 2004
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