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Street slang for an AK-47 assault rifle.
Homeboy gots couple talibans for sale, y'all.
by Maximus Decimus Meridius June 19, 2005
(Ar. Students) Islamic fundamentalist militants who came to power in Afghanistan in 1995 and were expelled from the country a few years later by American and native forces.
The word “Taliban” comes from the Arabic word talib, which means “student.” The organization was founded by Mullah Mohammed Omar, an extremely enigmatic individual who went into hiding in 2001 after the organization's fall from power. Members of the Taliban were originally religious students who developed a very conservative interpretation of Islam and the Sharia, or Islamic law. During Afghanistan's long and bitter civil war, members of the Taliban began a slow rise to power, and the group ultimately took control of most of Afghanistan, promising to put a stop to infighting between various bands of mujahideen, or groups of soldiers led by warlords, to make Afghanistan a safer place.
by TerroristGroups January 16, 2011
Idiots who were considered nutcases even by the most extremist interpreter of Sharia law. The Taliban did much stuff that was considered Unislamic, like taxing truckloads of opium under "zakat" (Last time I checked drugs were unislamic), clapping, kite flying and women playing sports. None of these decrees had any basis in the Qur'an or the hadiths.
Man those Taliban guys just decreed that noone is allowed to wear big red hats.
by Eli Boulton June 06, 2007
Afghanistan based group. Said to have harboured Al Quaeda and allowed their training camps. Noted for their severe Islamic beliefs and their repression of women's rights.

Lesser known for being one of the few of the many tribes in Afghanistan to have held the entire country securely for any period of time.
Pro-US troops during the Cold War, succesfully defended against cold war-USSR for many many years.
Taleban forces retreated to caves where they put up stiff resistance.
by Ep1taph July 14, 2003
Al Qa'ida

Low life filth which resided in Afghanistan.
Terrorists which supported Osama Bin Laden
by Hunter November 19, 2003
a political movement started back in 1994 in an attempt to stabilize the former Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which was in the middle of severe tribal conflict between the Government and factions of the Mujihadin following the withdrawal of Soviet forces in 1989.

The taliban came to power in 1996 after fighting a massive civil war which forced President Rabbini from power, Its leader was a shadowly figure named Mullah Omar. Once in power Mullah Omar implemented an extremely harsh and absolutely severe - even by fundamentalist islamic standards - form of Shariah Law. Televisions, movie theatres, sports, alcohol, music (except islamic prayer music) and Kite flying where all banned but it was the severe oppression of women and there policy on severely limiting there rights which won them condemnation and criticism.

in March 2001 the Taliban blew up the 2000 year old Buddhist statues in Baymian province and recieved severe condemnation, However it was the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon which began the Talibans downfall, Because they where hiding Al Qaida fugitives including its supreme leader osama bin ladenin undisclosed locations of Afghanistan, The USA Sent troops to hunt down Osama and cripple the taliban regime, as a result rebel pro-us northern alliance forces removed the taliban late in 2001.

today the taliban are crippled but have not been wiped out and mullah omar and his bum chum osama bin laden remain at large.
the taliban where a brutal fundamentalist regime
by Brother Number One May 09, 2004
The reason Bin Laden couldn't watch Al-Jazeera.
OSAMA: Hey Saddam, put Al-Jazeera on, I want to see my forces getting the shit blown out of them by the Americans.
SADDAM: Sorry Oz, we're not allowed coz there's a taliban.
by hello birdie June 21, 2006
A group of backwards morons residing in Afghanistan who think they're being good Muslims by causing bloodshed and oppressing women when they are actually giving the rest of the 99.9% of Muslims a bad name
just the Muslim version of the Neocons
Ahmed: I hate the Taliban, they make us Muslims look bad
by bigOth June 09, 2009