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A group of men or a gathering with only men.

Whether it is deliberate or non deliberate grouping of only males one can call them talibans.

Look around and you will see our society is full of talibans. In the business lounge, in the bar, in the board meeting as well as in Forbes list of richest people.

Talibans can also be used as a reference when a group of males don't bather any other opinions.
A girl to her friend: This plays sucks there are only talibans here.

Young business guy 1: How did the meeting go?
Young business guy 2: I couldn’t make my point, those talibans are so fucking arrogant.

Girl one: How was the party?
Girl two: Boring, and when the talibans started to jam I left.
Girl one: I know you can’t join them even if you were a professional percussionist.
by exme January 06, 2010
to defile a toilet to a point of, a haz mat team showing up in your bathroon with police line tape , while hearing them mumble under their gas mask " this is the worst thing I have witnessed since 9 -11 on CNN.
While eating a diaper full of indian food last night I immeditaly had to taliban the restroom.
by carole and RIch October 01, 2007
Taliban- An Islamist Integrist Brainwahsed Pussyhole hiding in a stinky cave rapped round with C4 and a knife in his hand, wating for Allah which doesn't exist to give him a 1337 order to fuck himself up, but on his way to shag 100 virgins, mohammed's gna say:" sos, we ran out of virgins m8" ROFLMFAO.
TALIBAN-Find poor an Afgan:P.
by Annonymous546879 August 18, 2007
extermists that are mostly dead now and are being hunted all the time
muhamed omar is still on the run
by hitler is dead August 15, 2003
Street slang for an AK-47 assault rifle.
Homeboy gots couple talibans for sale, y'all.
by Maximus Decimus Meridius June 19, 2005
Slang for the growth of a lot of pubic hair by a woman... a hairy muff, or "bush".
1970's style of grooming ones pubic region or muff.
"Look at the girl... You think she has a hairy bush?"
"Yeah, she's got a taliban for sure"
"I met this crazy girl and spent the night with her"
"Did she have a taliban?"
"Nope... Clean as a whistle"
by jelly boel October 29, 2011
Rule forbidding card-counting in casinos.
You won again? No way we pay, you know we have a taliban here!
by Phone Tick November 09, 2003