The Indian Takeaway in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England.
"This curry from the Taliban is great"
by Andrew Waite May 02, 2004
Illiterate, ignorant, misogynistic Islamic fundamentalists noted for their hatred of just about everything and love of goats and beardless youth.

It is strongly suspected that their hatred of women is rooted in their growing up in the madrassas, where they had no female contact whatsoever while being brainwashed by mullahs who would sodomize them while screaming "Allahu Akbar!".

Once they were able to grow beards, they took out their anger on women and continued the proud tradition of Islamic man-on-boy love. In their minds, it's not as sin as long as they are the givers.
"Look at that Taliban beating the woman for showing 1/4 inch of skin on her wrist."

"Why are those Taliban rounding of truckloads of little boys?"

"I smell smegma and goat shit...there must be Taliban around here!"
by Professor Vile December 27, 2007
To overpower, domineer, take control, run the show, run the household.
I wanted to go play cards with the guys, but my wife talibaned me into staying home and mowing the lawn.
by ComputerNinja June 12, 2009
A terrorist group- mainly found in afghanistan can be used a derogatory term such as:
This shit is so underground its taliban.
by wordshanker May 08, 2009
1. a crazy action or outburst
2. a deadly or dangerous individual or object
3. out of control social gathering
1. My girlfriend just went taliban on me.
2. That weed we smoked was taliban.
3. Hey man that party last night was taliban.
by chandler n April 12, 2008
A group of extreme terrorists located in the Middle East who use weapons given to them by the U.S.A. to fend off communists. Widely known for shooting Ak-47s straight up into the air. What they shoot at is unknown, possibly heaven?? Also, you know you are being ambushed by the Taliban when you hear aloo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loo loooo!
Houston: "We have a small unidentified object coming towards your way."
Astronaut: "Where is it coming from?"
Houston: "Looks like Pakistan."
Astronaut: "Shit it's a bullet; i just got shot!"
Houston: God damn those Taliban!"
by Hitler'sAmbition37 August 27, 2009
to defile a toilet to a point of, a haz mat team showing up in your bathroon with police line tape , while hearing them mumble under their gas mask " this is the worst thing I have witnessed since 9 -11 on CNN.
While eating a diaper full of indian food last night I immeditaly had to taliban the restroom.
by carole and RIch October 01, 2007

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