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1. A woman who is a born leader.

2. Questioning Authority Inside Dumb Animals

3. A name for people who jaywalk.

4. Any piercing on your body.

5. (Verb) The result of hitting someone with a whipplestick
1. Pamela: She totally took over my project!

Steve: Wow, she is such a Qaida.

2. Jake: I just became a member of QAIDA!

3. Billy: I want to cross the street here!

Mom: Billy, don't be a Qaida. You know what happens when you pull a Qaida...

4. Nicki: What happened to your Qaida?

Alegra: Oh, I took it out. Trees kept getting caught on it.

5. Qaida: Ouch!

DJ: Dang, she just got Qaidad for sure!
by SayWhat...? May 04, 2011
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