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The Hindi word for potato. Its commonly used in Jamaica, Trinidad,and Guyana too. In America we call it "home fries"
Aye auntie, yuh makin rice, aloo, and curry chicken.
by Trini Marcus August 05, 2010
Often used to refer to Pakistani cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq who is known to be a big man with a penchant for potato chips and fries.
Don't be such a Aloo or else u will be runout.
Damn, u sure eat like Aloo.
by Bob Woolmer November 06, 2007
A sweet and innocenent looking girl,
with a great sense of humor.

Also very intelligent and extremely motivated.
Everyone should have atleast one aloo in his life.
Meet my friend, she is a real Aloo
by A-Deal September 12, 2007
aloo is often confused with the word "alot", however aloo is an intensified "alot". it basically means very very alot.
woman:i love you aloo.
man:eh i only love you alot, i love harry potter aloo.
woman:i love harry potter aloo too.
by degrassilvr April 22, 2007
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