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fake, unreal
tainted love .... to love some 1 not b/c who they are b/c of what they look like or what they got

there love is tainted she likes him b/c hes a baller
by Ky July 06, 2003
A white girl who has had sex with a black guy. Term is popular in and around Staten Island, NY
Yo, I heard Stephanie is tainted.
by Kibble December 31, 2005
A girl who is tainted is one who is extremely skanky. She is known for going from guy to guy and hooking up with them. She is tainted because it is unknown whether or not she has a STD.

A guy is tainted when he has sex with a girl who is tainted.
Person 1: You didnt hear about amanda? she hooked up with chris, adam, mike, and jamaal in the same night.

Person 2: Damn, she's tainted.

Person 1: Mike just had sex with melanie.
Person 2: Suck for him, he's tainted now
by Cswizzy September 09, 2010
The in-between of being buzzed and drunk. Its a more accurate way of describing being tipsied.
m1- I am not drunk but I'm not buzzed either... what am I?
m2- Bro you are tainted.
by floridalyfe September 15, 2011
Skanky, Dirrty (X-tine Style), doing dirty deeds in someone else's space, area i.e. beds, bathrooms, etc. Therefore making the space tainted. Also see Alyssa.
That stupid whore tainted my couch.
by Paris December 13, 2003
The act of rubbing one's taint on any given object. Usually done out of spite or anger.
One time in college my roommate angered me so bad I tainted his toothbrush.

I swear to god, if Leland rats me out one more time I'm gonna taint his mouse!
by The Dark Lord of the Taint December 29, 2004
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