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1. a. Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent.
b. Characterized by magnificence or virtuosic brilliance

2. (informal) wonderful, delightful
McKinsey is indeed Gorgeous.
by Paris March 06, 2005
If Lexy is sexy, she's just herself...
A Sexy Lexy is a girl who's hot and elegant, the kind of girl you want right now.
Have you seen this chick over here. She's a real Sexy Lexy...
by Paris January 05, 2004
A slight variation on the classic 69, where one partner is performing a blowjob, while the other performs a handjob. Usually refers to two males in which both participants receive the ejaculation on the face, however the term itself is not gender-specific.

A "cobwaffler" is someone who willingly takes a secretion in the face.

Also referred to as:
Bob and Jo had a messy fun, yet difficult time, cobwaffling in the back seat of Bob's Mustang.
by Paris July 08, 2003
Skanky, Dirrty (X-tine Style), doing dirty deeds in someone else's space, area i.e. beds, bathrooms, etc. Therefore making the space tainted. Also see Alyssa.
That stupid whore tainted my couch.
by Paris December 13, 2003
cool in a laied back/ extreme way or kinda chill
The view from the top of the mountian was kozy.
by Paris July 06, 2003
A made up sexual act used to confuse them, them being the less experienced (but not children you cho-mo).
"Gosh Lyssa, I cant believe that I gave him a fold job."
"WHAT! What the HELL is that?"
"You dont know what that is?"
"No... Should I?"
"YEah, Prolly."
by Paris December 13, 2003
1.) A poor mexican soul who is underrated. 2.) A mexican gangsta attempting to be like one of his African American brothers. 3.) Kelly's best friend who is the only mexican around that isn't attempting to live up to her stereotype.
That mangsta is cheap.
by Paris June 23, 2004
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