jugulars, boobies, torpeedos
From her mother, Jude inherited quite a set of ta tas.
by f'rang-tang March 13, 2005
Breasts of utmost quality and/or girth and perkiness.
Tsi:You see that girl over there..
Mizz: Yeah she has ridiculous tatas!
by mizz October 16, 2002
breasticles. huge breasticles.
Those Victoria's Secret Angels have some bang-a-langing ta tas.
by candy pants August 16, 2006
another name for boobies. see boobs tits jugs
damn she has hella big ta-tas!
by Shawn T. June 14, 2008
nice tits
holly tatas
by sam January 06, 2003
Another word for tit.
She has some huge tata's
by D. Anderson July 14, 2005
Crack cocaine
You need to quit smokin tata(s), man.
by tatadeala August 21, 2009

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