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'TYSO' stands for Take Your Shirt Off
When white college girls get drunk, they take their shirts off.

Girl 1: Hey girl, I can't wait to get crazy tonight at the Frat Party.
Girl 2: I know, samesies! I hope you get TYSO all over that bitch!
Girl 1: YAY!! TEAM TYSO!!!
by TeamTyso January 25, 2012
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Derogatory term used for someone who thinks they are a know it all. Occasionally also taking their shirt off to impress the same or opposite gender despite the fact that they have nothing to show.
Grayson is such a TYSO when females come around.
by series1000 February 28, 2007
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City in Sommerlund, in the Lone Wolf world. Not very important. Nothing much happens there.
It gets attacked in Lone Wolf 1 I think.
by Andy May 01, 2004
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