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A combination of a tool and a whore. The "h" is silent.
Damn, Luke is such a thore!
by thatonetool April 28, 2011
Akin to a contraction of words. (Noun): A thieving whore.
When estranged wife Hellen rented out my house without my knowledge or permission, and gave me not one cent, she was a real "Thore".
by Jon C Wilson February 08, 2007
A sexual position in which 2 regular human males are bare backing while the front man is giving a midget a wheel barrel ride.
Wow, dude, you are as gay as a few dudes doing a thore.
Saying this is much easier than say a big explanation about what is involved in making a thore happen Ex: Wow, dude, you are as gay as 2 dudes bare backing while giving a midget a wheel barrel ride. You see much easier to say you are as gay as doing the thore.
Massive FUPA lover.
Oh man that guy is such a thore. Meaning he really enjoys girls with FUPAs.
by You know who i am, spangdahlem April 29, 2010
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