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Realm in northern Magnamund, in the Lone Wolf series. Inhabited by the Sommlending. Capital Holmgard; other major features include the Kai Monastery, the centrepiece of the Order of the Kai; Toran, home of the wizards of the Crystal Star; several other cities such as Tyso and Anskavern. It's a monarchy, apparently modelled on feudal Europe but with a noble king and a jedi-like order of protectors. Has the unfortunate privilege of being first in line whenever the darklords come over the mountains, cos the Darklands are just to the west. It sounds like the name might be old English for "land of the sun" but I might be wrong.
The King of Sommerlund asks you to go to Durenor and retrieve the Sommerswerd.
by Andy April 18, 2004

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