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1) 'right back at you'
2) 'me too'
3) ditto

Person A: "I flirt with you all the time in math class"
Person B: "Samesies"
by PZP September 02, 2007
A cooler way of saying "me too". Usually used when trying to sound lame in order to get a laugh out of the person you are trying to impress.Also used by dudebroze.
Chelsey: Wow, that test was a lot harder than I expected!

Brad: Samesies. That fuckin' test rocked my shit, brah.

Chelsey: Lawl! You dudebroze are soo funny! Here's my number.

Brad: Rad. I'm gonna go work on my Tri's.
by zachary_MIDWEST November 08, 2009
Pretty preppy, drawn-out-kinda-way of saying, "Same".
B: I'm pretty glad I met you.
C: Samesies!
by Benjaminnit December 06, 2009
A term used to declare that you feel the same way as another person or to agree with another person's statement.
Sarah: "Rebecca, you are my best friend and I love you so much that I would marry you if we were lesbians."
Rebecca: "Same-sies"
by roomz October 28, 2007
(Verb) To feel the same way
"Hey, I just saw that new movie NOTORIOUS. I thought that joint was off the hook!"

"Samesies! That fat boy Gravy looked just like Big."
by Young C-RAD January 22, 2009
intimate relations, a.k.a. fun sexual acts, with one or more members of the SAME gender.
Bob: "Hey man, you just touched my junk."
Sam: "Yeah I was hoping for samesies."

Sally: "Want to come to my place and do our nails?"
Jessie: "And have wine and samesies? Sure!"
by sameplayer February 18, 2014
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