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Known to the locals of Chattanooga, TVA doesn't define the TVA, but moreso "Tits, Vagina, Ass" for their acronym.
Did you see that hot chick? She must work at TVA to have that tva!
by Joe TN October 20, 2007
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A government department formed under Roosevelt's New Deal in the mid 1930s that to this day produces gobs of hydroelectric power and sells it to customers and power companies very cheaply. TVA has one of the best power grids in the nation (just look up in and around Nashville), you're going to see transmission powerlines everywhere. The typical transmission voltages they send power at are 161Kv and 500Kv, TVA also has made Tennessee livable through its many dams, and along with the Corps of Engineers, has blessed Tennessee with many lakes to recreate within.
I miss having a low power bill from when I lived in Tennessee. TVA gave me the cheapest power... I really miss the Percy Preist lake that I swam in many a time as a child.
by djscrizzle July 14, 2005
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