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The art of tha streetz.
grafitti is more than a mark, it's an art in itself.
by djscrizzle March 18, 2004
The best mix that a song can have. It is usually longer, easier to mix, and you can juggle beats from the instrumental with the main 12" mix on a pair of decks.
12" is the way to gop for good mixes and to get good crowd reactions.
by djscrizzle March 18, 2004
A government department formed under Roosevelt's New Deal in the mid 1930s that to this day produces gobs of hydroelectric power and sells it to customers and power companies very cheaply. TVA has one of the best power grids in the nation (just look up in and around Nashville), you're going to see transmission powerlines everywhere. The typical transmission voltages they send power at are 161Kv and 500Kv, TVA also has made Tennessee livable through its many dams, and along with the Corps of Engineers, has blessed Tennessee with many lakes to recreate within.
I miss having a low power bill from when I lived in Tennessee. TVA gave me the cheapest power... I really miss the Percy Preist lake that I swam in many a time as a child.
by djscrizzle July 14, 2005
point whwer the stereo is turned up. It's when u feel the bass in your chest and can see the speaker cones moving up and down to the beat of a song.
Your speakers are poundin so hard, theyr'e almost ready to blow.
by djscrizzle November 26, 2003
Local DJ in colorado who spins hip hop, house, dance, trance, and skratches. Also has been seen spinning at the local high school dances and events.
OMG! Its DJ Scrizzle!
by djscrizzle November 27, 2003
Emergency Outdoor Warning System (aka tornado, tsunami, or nukes sirens)
The EOWS in Denver sounds for tornado warnings
by djscrizzle November 07, 2008
Home of gangstas Big Bootys, Dope DJs, and a killer nightlife. The century club? must i go on? LA has some of the best raves in america!
LA is the place 2 be!
by djscrizzle November 27, 2003

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