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Suffix; no true meaning, though when added to practically anything, it's almost guaranteed to sound (more) Japanese.
Use frequently with common "otaku" lingo and bad grammar, along with random Asian-sounding noises, and you'll sound genuinely Wapanese!
Sounds best when used with a squeaky, annoying voice.
Hoyooootsu!! Me havetsu kawaiitsu Inuyashatsu comicu!! Real from Nippontsu!! (>^0^)>
by Kulor June 01, 2005
Thrift Store Underwear, the name for the broadband reports forum where they have heavy handed moderation and the desire to lock and delete threads. Moderators do not follow rules and instead make them up to suit their own needs. This website disregards the site rules and accordingly, bans users based on purely personal grounds.
Aww man TSU locked my thread again.

TSU has me on post watch for no reason.
by about time November 23, 2007
A.K.A. Tear Shit Up
-Noun, verb, adjective
To do, be, described as something so beastly that you cannot reason with yourself.
Billy TSU so much at the basketball game that the whole entire school shook with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Jamal's dance moves were TSU so badly that everyone fell down.

Michaella' s TSU playing the tuba was so extreme that it made the judges cry in joy.
by GREENEGGSandSAM October 25, 2010
crazy, killers obsessed, pervert who likes to roam Old Navy stalls and sneaking up on people changing.

She enjoys shiny suits, short hair, and glasses and will kick your ass if you insult her friends.
Oh god! RUN! You've angered Tsu!

Don't worry, I have tsu.
by darkeh December 28, 2008
Acronym: Tear Shit Up. Origin: Dallas Theater Center scene shop 1999.
This show is over! Time to TSU!
by Keith November 05, 2003
Troy State University which will soon drop the "state" part and become Troy University. A college in Alabama with the best music department in the state, featuring their Nationally Renound "Sound of the South" Marching Band.
TSU's Band is WAY better than the band at Auburn University.
by aqueas May 22, 2004
being owned in starfox 10 - 0 and owned in mario kart 10 - 0
well atleast im not tsu
by Andrew December 14, 2003