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When two male chickens, cocks, are put together after being mentaly harased by dirty gambling mexicans
"Cock fights are illegal in the USA"
by AzOOmA May 20, 2003
A Great Place To Learn And Get High
"Shelton High School is Ghetto"
by AzOOmA October 24, 2003
When some one makes all 3 pointers in basketball by hitting the ball of the back board
"He's the Back Board King"
by AzOOmA May 20, 2003
Albanian word for penis
"Muhonger Krist Lutsi" - "Eat My Penis"
by AzOOmA May 20, 2003
A clueless person that has no idea on what to do during a game of any sport
"Pass me the ball ding dong"
by AzOOmA May 20, 2003
Femals nipple, or baby sucking device
"A Den Tsu Tsu" - "Do You Want To Suck Nipples
by AzOOmA May 20, 2003
Negro's Hair Do
Yo, nigga i'am gettin corn rows 2 marrow
by AzOOmA May 21, 2003
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